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Don't judge a book by its cover

21 Nov, 2014 :: Attersee, Austria

When the Logos Hope Outbound team walked through the front doors of the church in Attersee, Austria, they found themselves in a building that had all the appearances of a very traditional Lutheran church. After meeting with the church leaders, the team spent the rest of the afternoon wondering how they would be able to make an impact in this traditional setting. But after the presentation, the team spent lots of time fellowshipping with members of the congregation. “We had expected to leave fairly soon after the service, but ended up staying until 10:30pm!” enthused team leader Gary Gower (Australia). They all had numerous conversations with church members, spending time sharing and encouraging each other.

One high school student, Hannah, said she was thinking about what opportunities she should consider after high school and some short term missions involvement was one idea. “I encouraged Hannah that the idea of missions was a great option and also mentioned many of the programmes going on in OM,” added Gary. At the end of the evening the team left, all feeling thankful, greatly encouraged and surprised by what they discovered tucked away in a traditional church building in a small Austrian town. “It is always great to be amongst people who love God,” concluded Gary.

Warming to the task
18 Nov, 2014 :: Singapore
Good working relationships are a great help as the project continues, with most new items of machinery and equipment already on board Logos Hope.

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