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New Leaves

27 Feb, 2015 :: Kuala Krai, Malaysia

The worst flooding in decades hit Malaysia at the end of 2014 affecting over 200,000 people. Recently, a Logos Hope Outbound team helped to clean houses damaged by the flooding and distribute basic supplies such as food, water, stoves, mattresses, blankets and baby food. One day the team was helping to clean up a school where seemingly everything was covered in mud and clay. The only things that weren't brown and mud-covered in that school were buildings that had been recently washed or new growth on the trees. While the team was working there, Izzy Neoh (Australia) observed a bush which was totally covered and encased in mud. But there were little green shoots and new leaves sprouting from the brittle stems. "It made me think that even though this flood has totally devastated the people here in Kuala Krai, God is doing miracles every day and growth and progress is being made,” she observed. This flood has also opened doors for many charitable organisations to come and help the people in this region. Just like with the plants, God is working - there is new growth and, slowly, things are getting better.

Changing focus
25 Feb, 2015 :: Singapore
The main work effort is now training, annual maintenance and preparation for surveys to obtain the Passenger Ship Safety Certificate.

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