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Passing the test

25 Mar, 2015 :: Singapore

Over the past week, agreement was reached with the shipyard management about the final invoice that has to be paid. The actual figure was agreed upon very quickly and allows both parties to stay within budget, which is a great win-win situation. Project Manager Matt Blair reports: “We can now say for sure that we will not exceed the Power Up technical budget – a real cause for celebration!”

Last weekend, Logos Hope moved berth to the Cruise Ship Terminal, giving the deck and engine departments a good opportunity to put all the training into practice. This week, the Passenger Ship Safety Certificate and Flag State inspections are taking place on board. “We are grateful to all the trainers, the leaders and workers that have played very important parts to get us to this point,” said Captain Tom Dyer. Loading of container contents has been completed and lube oil and fresh water still need to be taken on board to be ready to sail. If all goes to plan, the ship will leave Singapore on 29 March at 0800 hrs – one day ahead of the scheduled end of the Power Up Logos Hope project.

Restoration for a new life
23 Mar, 2015 :: Kazakhstan
God transforms one's painful past into blessings for others.

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