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Second chances and ministry

23 Jan, 2015 :: Florence, South Carolina, US

Ministry opportunities come in all shapes and sizes and can vary from children’s camps to prison fellowships. At the US office for OM Ships in Florence, South Carolina, one unique ministry to the community is the Juvenile Diversion Program which provides an option for young people who have been assigned community service hours by the court. For Katy*, this required option would turn into a blessing and a chance for her to be ministered to, to be prayed for and to work in a positive environment with Christians who could care for her. “The people were all so caring, they all welcomed me with open arms,” Katy shared in a letter to Volunteer Coordinator Peter Rau (USA). Peter purposed this program as a way to reach out to youth in Florence who needed a safe and loving place to serve out their required community service hours. “The important thing with each of these participants is to treat them with the same respect we would with any volunteer,” commented Peter. “Otherwise these youth would not have an opportunity to learn from their mistakes.” Katy went on to share, “I still hate what I did to get me here, but I’m also glad that I am at this place in life. I believe all of this happened to bring me one step closer to God.”

*Name changed

Outbound in Sweden
19 Jan, 2015 :: Sweden
Logos Hope Outbound team assists OM Sweden in setting up The ZONE for a youth outreach.

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