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Giving a boost

21 Jul, 2014 :: Busan, South Korea

Though Logos Hope sails on from a port, the vision is to leave behind a lasting impact. One way is to support individuals actively working to bring change in the community. Pastor Hwe Suk Noh of Gaya Dong Boo Church has a ministry to school children, elderly and single mothers. “I raised my son alone so God gave me a heart for single mothers,” Hwe Suk expressed. She lives with the mums, teaching them healthy habits and good parenting skills. Logos Hope connected with Hwe Suk and sent carpenters to  build and varnish two tables at the church. “We use them really well. Right now it is exam time and my son and his three friends are sitting here studying,” Hwe Suk said at the time of the interview. The tables are also very useful so that the church can eat together after the service. The ministry among the mums is difficult but her desire to see them find hope in Jesus keeps her going. “When they listen to Christ’s word and they worship at the Wednesday service, then they change,” she said. “So when I see the change in their habits I am so happy.”

Journey of discovery
14 Jul, 2014 :: Gunsan, South Korea
University student Min discovers more about mission and is challenged to get involved at an onboard event.

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