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Waiting on God's timing

20 Dec, 2014 :: Criciuma, Brazil

Guillermo, a young man from Brazil, was fascinated by the ministry of Logos Hope and wanted to learn more so he reached out to his pastor. Guillermo’s pastor wasn’t able to answer his questions but did know of one who would - Pastor Ana, whose daughter is a crewmember aboard Logos Hope. Guillermo made several attempts to phone Pastor Ana but was not able to reach her and gave up after several attempts. A year passed and Guillermo was again reminded of his desire to learn more about Logos Hope. He picked up the phone once more to try and talk to Pastor Ana and this time she answered. Even though their conversation was brief, Guillermo was interested to learn as much about the ship as he could. To his amazement he found out that an Outbound Logos Hope team was in the area and would be at his church that very evening!

After the service Guillermo talked with Nathan Le Roux (South Africa) who was able to answer many of his questions and tell him what he would need to join the Ship Ministry. “Praise God for His perfect timing and for bringing like-minded people together,” commented Nathan. “We will continue to pray that God leads our steps and those of others.”

Staying on track
18 Dec, 2014 :: Singapore
As the Power Up project goes into its third month, the work on Logos Hope is still going forward according to schedule.

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