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Power Up Friendship

27 Mar, 2015 :: Logos Hope

The “Special Vessel” - the affable name that Keppel Shipyard workers call the Logos Hope. After five months of working alongside one another, workers from both sides have developed a relationship more than working partners, maybe even more than friends. As Power Up Project Manager (Keppel Shipyard), We Lin Chan, said, “We call them brothers and sisters.”

Months of sweat and blood has drawn the relationship between the shipyard and Logos Hope tightly together. To thank the shipyard workers for their wonderful support rendered over the Power Up Project, the Logos Hope team hosted an appreciation dinner for them. 31 from the shipyard attended. There was genuine joy abounding in the hall, hugs and laughter were all around as people updated one another with their latest happenings. 

Assistant Section Manager for Machinery (Keppel Shipyard), Balan Murugasu, who has been working with the yard for the past 29 years enthused, “All my years of working in the yard and I have never met a group like Logos Hope who worked like that. The feeling is completely different from other groups who work mainly for money. You can tell they really have a heart for their job. It’s not just a job; it’s what they believe in.” Electrical Project Manager (Logos Hope), Andy Roethgens (Germany), expressed mixed feelings about the project coming to an end. “Sailing out of the shipyard was an occasion worth celebrating, but it was also sad at the same time. The bonds built and the feeling of home has developed over the months. It’s hard to leave.” 

At the end of the dinner, We Lin Chan presented Logos Hope with a plaque that he had started designing personally midway during the project. Marine Superintendent (Logos Hope), Elon Alva (Australia), also presented a large photo collage in return, showcasing the moments of teamwork. The Power Up Project has been a great success, made possible only because of the great relationships between both parties, and the willingness to solve difficulties together as a team. Five months may not be a long time, but the camaraderie developed runs deep and the bonds formed will stay on. 

Passing the test
25 Mar, 2015 :: Singapore
The official end of the Power Up project is in sight as the PSSC and Flag State inspections take place and the vessel is prepared for sailing to Kuching.

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