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Logos Hope Needs Marine Engineers and Electricians

Last updated October 2015

Logos Hope continues to need qualified marine and maintenance engineers as well as power electricians to operate and maintain this 132.5 meter long, 12,519 GRT vessel.

Upcoming Opportunities

We are continuing to pray for marine engineers with the right level of experience and qualification. Our preferred future Marine Operations manning on Logos Hope requires:

  • 1st Engineer - needed immediately for 6 months - 2 years
  • 3rd Mate - needed from September 2016 for 6 months - 2 years.
  • Accommodation Maintenance Engineer - needed from August 2016 for 1 - 2 years

Applicants need to be committed to the Christian faith and principles of Logos Hope ministry. Please also note that all the crew on board work voluntarily - the positions are not salaried.


The Chief Engineer profile

As Chief Engineer you will be qualified to the internationally recognised standard in accordance with STCW Regulation III/2. You will have the technical knowledge and ability to fulfil the requirements of the job description as found in the company’s SMS, accountable to the Master & Marine Superintendent.


You have the ability to communicate effectively, directing the team so that each person knows what is expected and that completion of tasks is promptly recorded through the department’s reporting system, such that each member of the department is able to make their best contribution and thus feel a valued member of the department.

You have abilities in problem solving and crisis management, such that all on the vessel have confidence that technical problems and emergencies can be responded to and
resolved responsibly and efficiently. You have planning skills and can effectively set
and manage priorities.

As part of the vessel’s Leadership Team you have a reporting function (non-technical) to the vessel Director and can represent departmental perspective at that level. You have the ability to interact with other senior leaders on board and, esteeming their roles and responsibilities, can facilitate representation of their perspective to the engine department.

Marine Engineer

As one of the needed marine engineers you will be qualified to the internationally recognised standard in accordance with STCW Regulation III/2 or III/1.

You will have the technical knowledge and ability to fulfil the requirements of the job description as found in the company’s SMS, and already have considerable experience in the maintenance and repair of marine engines and machinery.

The Power or Marine Electrician (Electro-Technical Officer) profile

As one of the electricians on board, you will be qualified to the new STCW Regulation III/6 as an electro-technical officer, or have industrial experience as a power electrician. Domestic installation experience with plenty of practical experience could also be considered. We are also looking for experience as an electronics technician.

The work required is general maintenance, repair and fault-finding as well as new installation work on the following systems: Generators, Switchboard Systems up to 1000V, Motors, Control Systems, PA System, Fire Alarm System, Bridge & Navigation equipment, Computerised Systems i.e. AutoCAD, Planned Maintenance System. (PLC Systems: Experienced PLC Siemens S7 Programming)

The vessel

The vessel features a mix of older and newer equipment and machinery with many systems now upgraded or replaced.

Logos Hope was built in 1973 as a ferry and underwent major renovations between 2004 and 2009 to transform it into a passenger ship with accommodation and exhibition space suitable for the ministry she is engaged with.

The 9 deck vessel is equipped with 4 main engines producing a total of 11,768 kW and three generators for power supply, auxiliary equipment and air-conditioning.

The upgrades and changes that were carried out during 2012 enable the vessel to operate with greater efficiency and reliability, and also greatly simplify the overall operation of the vessel’s engine room. More upgrades and changes are planned for the next two years, including the replacement of two of the generators and the main switchboard.

See this page for more detailed specifications.

The vessel spends one to four weeks in each port of call and sails internationally.

The team

You will be working together with qualified marine engineers and a team of onboard trained engine room watchkeepers. All the crew on board work voluntarily - the position is not salaried.

The benefits

A rewarding job investing in young people and keeping a life-changing ministry operating with your technical skills.
Being a part of the on board community and receiving personal input through daily devotions.
Experiencing the culture of the countries the ship visits as well as the international crew and staff you live with.

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