OM Ships International

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Gospel Literature Fund

We share our faith in ports around the world with many who have never heard the Gospel or responded to it. One way we can do this is through freely distributing literature such as 'The Most Important Story Ever Told' comic. Translated into over 20 languages, the latest 32-page version encourages youngsters to sign a commitment as they turn to God. OM Ships is also working in partnership with OneHope and other organisations to distribute quality Gospel literature where ever we have the opportunity to children and adults alike.

Whenever possible, crew give the booklet to every child coming on board, in schools and on the streets. Adults receive scripture portions or other Gospel booklets. Gifts for Gospel Literature will enable us to print and ship copies of "The Most Important Story Ever Told" and other Gospel literature for distribution by the Logos Hope crew and staff.


"I learned that when we accept God into our hearts, He will forgive the bad things we do."

12 year-old Romulo, after reading
The Most Important Story Ever Told
in his own Tagalog language.