OM Ships International

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Meet the Crew

Creative, in God’s image
Punta Arenas, Chile :: Crewmembers teach creative ways of sharing the gospel to church members eager to do God's will.

A vibrant community emerges in Pisa
The start of the first ever Sunday service of the new church plant La Torre. Over the past year, a team has been working and praying to grow a community and build a church to be a witness in this city. One year later, the time is ripe to launch the church officially. All praise to God, our strong tower.

Concentrate on one
Focusing on one person at a time, John uses everyday life as a way to meet people where they are and journey alongside them.

'My sin is forgiven'
OM MTI worker Sokhem shares his testimony of leaving Buddhism to follow Jesus.

Spreading the gospel
Siniore desires for her family and friends to know Christ’s love as she does. After an OM training, she takes what she learnt and puts it into practice.

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