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Trust without borders

“Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God.” Matthew 19:24

For Stephen and Kathy Mew (USA), ‘rich’ doesn’t exactly fit their description, but they certainly held well-paid jobs that were not easy to give up before making the bold decision to join Logos Hope.

Shortly after getting married in 2014 in Maui, Hawaii, Stephen felt God was calling him to serve in ministry full-time, specifically in world missions. “My job brought in good money but I didn’t feel like that was what God wanted me to do,” shared Stephen, who has never been on any overseas mission team. “I was not making any meaningful impact on people; it was just a job to generate income.”

The seed that God planted in Stephen led him to begin researching various Christian organisations and approaching his church pastor for suggestions and advice. Within a few days, his pastor told him about an ‘OM Ships Fundraising Dinner’ happening in their city the following week. In the span of 10 days, Stephen and Kathy had gone from the great unknown to unravelling God’s specific calling in their lives.

Despite the anticipation of joining the Ship Ministry, it remained a herculean decision to give up the financial security that they had and to walk away from the ‘American dream’ that allured many back home. “Leaving our corporate jobs, community, and a comfortable life were some of the most difficult choices we had to make because we were stepping out in faith that God would provide,” commented Kathy. “I also wrestled with discerning if God was calling me to world missions.” The duo prayed hard for God to show them the way and God was faithful to guide and provide for them.

God spoke to them in various ways; from a message on the following Sunday that spoke on Matthew 19:24 to Kathy’s manager at work suggesting that she should take a year off to participate in world missions. “That was really a God-moment for me as I have not told her anything about our intentions to join Logos Hope at that point,” recalled Kathy. The humbling process of fundraising also gave evidence of God’s abundant provisions when they received beyond what they needed. At the same time, the lease for their apartment had just come to an end. “It really felt like God was putting the ship’s ministry in our hearts at the right time; He led us every step of the way,” affirmed Stephen.  

Stephen and Kathy finally arrived on board Logos Hope in mid-February 2016, and were given roles in the bookfair. “We are really grateful and excited to work in the bookfair,” said Kathy. “It’s close to the main ministry of the ship that initially tugged at our hearts.” On the first day of work, Stephen, who was assigned to greet visitors at the gangway bottom, admitted he felt like he was back in high school – putting on a uniform and listening to instructions. “As easy a task as it was, I felt a lot of joy,” laughed Stephen. “I thought to myself that it is great that I get to serve God in this way.”

The duo is looking forward to how God will use them and reveal Himself to them further as they go forward. “My prayer is that God will use our testimonies and stories to share the Good News with people,” explained Kathy, who also hopes to learn more about how to share the Good News and bring that knowledge home to pass on. “I used to have a narrow view of God,” pondered Stephen, who shared that sometimes it’s hard to see how God is working. “But witnessing how God has called people from all over the world to rise up and serve Him has widened my view. I pray that God will continue to open our eyes and hearts to see Him working in us and in others.”

Is God also calling out to you in the same way?

Allow Him to lead you where your trust is without borders.


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