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Loving according to their need
07 Dec, 2018 :: Guayaquil, Evuador
Crewmembers visit communities to tell people of God's love and show that love in action.

Meet the world
04 Dec, 2018 :: Guayaquil, Ecuador
An event on board Logos Hope showcases the colour and diversity of crewmembers' homelands.

Hope - even when it hurts
30 Nov, 2018 :: Manta, Ecuador
Crewmembers visit a hospital and share the love of Christ with children.

Impact from near and far
23 Nov, 2018 :: Manta, Ecuador
Logos Hope's volunteers visit an area affected by the 2016 earthquake and share hope with children there.

An official welcome
20 Nov, 2018 :: Manta, Ecuador
The Governor of the Manabí province and Mayor of Manta express their joy in welcoming Logos Hope to their region.




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