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MOA signed

12 Mar, 2010 :: Jurong, Singapore

The ‘memorandum of agreement’ to sell Doulos has been signed, setting in motion the process towards handover of the ship to the Singapore-based buyer. We are thrilled that the buyer's plans will see the ship preserved for the future. More details will be released around the date of delivery, which is set for 18 March. The last 'voyage' for Doulos was very short, with the ship moving berths in Singapore. By then, the onboard community was down to the ‘final voyage crew’, led by Captain Dirk Geuze (NL) and Technical Manager and Company Representative Harald Smit (NL), also serving as Chief Engineer. The ship left Keppel Marina on Friday, 5 March, arriving after the short voyage in Jurong on the Western side of the island.

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