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Request granted!

14 Feb, 2009 :: Køge, Denmark

A Lloyd’s Register surveyor confirmed Thursday afternoon that, after five years of labour, the practical work necessary for Logos Hope’s initial Passenger Ship Safety Certificate (PSSC) is done! This means that very soon, Logos Hope will be ready to sail with her full crew and staff for the first time. “I walked into my cabin that night and thought, ‘We’re done!’” said Brian Holland, the electrical officer of Logos Hope. “It’s a relief to know it’s over. All the problems we faced one by one, God took care of them.”

There are still documentation and insurance issues yet to be completed before the ship sails, notably a certificate documenting that Logos Hope complies with the International Safety Management (ISM) code. The Project is also not completely finished. Much of the Visitor Experience deck and the Hope Theatre are still being planned and worked on. The ship is, however, ready to start serving in ports around the world and is provisionally scheduled to sail at the end of next week.