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Setting sail

19 Feb, 2009 :: Koege, Denmark

After a massive final effort to get all of the certificates and documentation in place, Logos Hope has sailed into active service! On Wednesday, the news came through that the Danish Maritime Authority had issued the Bunker Convention Certificate (BCC), following earlier indications that this could be a lengthy process. This was cause for great rejoicing within the community on board. Final arrangements for sailing were quickly put in place, and the ship sailed on Thursday afternoon. Logos Hope will first visit Gothenburg in Sweden before going to two ports in the Netherlands, then the UK, the Faroe Islands and Ireland. Juhana Seilonen (Finland) was thrilled by the breakthrough. “They told us that it would take one to three weeks to get this blue card,” he said, “and we got it [the following day]! That’s a miracle from God. I didn’t believe that it would happen, but it did!”

The beginning of the ministry schedule is cause to celebrate indeed! There is, however, much work to be done to complete the visitor experience deck, and other technical projects. A further boost in donations will be needed to finish the project and cover ongoing operational costs. We are deeply thankful for the partnership of so many friends and supporters around the world that has brought Logos Hope to this point!

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