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A recurring impact

10 Jan, 2017 :: Georgetown, Guyana

During Logos Hope’s stay in Georgetown, Guyana, one team of crewmembers visited two orphanages, where they spent time with the children and made donations of 'help packs' containing school supplies and personal hygiene kits.

The team’s first call was at Sophia Care Centre, where they played games, sang songs, and performed a drama for the kids. One of the children, Isaiah, had been placed in charge of the orphanage’s small, 1-square-metre garden. Dirk Kooij (Netherlands), from Logos Hope’s onboard Help Ministries department, had put together a donation of gardening tools for the team to take to Isaiah. “Isaiah was very happy to get the tools so that he could make the garden a better place,” said Daniela Cala Lara (Colombia).

In the afternoon, the team visited a girls’ home, Mahaica Orphanage. Forty of the home’s 60 girls came to spend time with the crewmembers. The team’s message to the girls focused on the Bible verse John 3:16, and the gift from God that it mentions. Crewmembers reminded the girls that a gift can be received or rejected, and encouraged them to receive God’s gift.

Marco Arjona (Argentina) asked all the 5-year-old girls to raise their hands. “When I was 5, I made a decision to receive God’s gift,” said Marco. “It does not matter if you are very small. Some people think you will not understand, but when I made that decision I did understand, and it has been with me to this day.” Johanna Silva (Sri Lanka), who was ten when she received God’s gift, asked the ten-year-old girls to raise their hands, and applied Marco’s message to the older girls.

The volunteers were pleased to learn that both orphanages had taken their kids to visit Logos Hope. Girls from Mahaica Orphanage had attended the theatrical production of ‘The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe', and Sophia Care Centre’s children had gone to an event with cultural performances. “It was wonderful to know that it was not just a one-time contact,” said Daniela. “We had a recurring impact on their lives.”

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