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High and dry

17 Mar, 2017 :: Willemstad, Curaçao

Logos Hope has entered her annual maintenance phase, at the shipyard of Curaçao Drydock Company in Willemstad. The ship is temporarily closed to the public while the routine work is carried out.

Most of the volunteer crewmembers have transferred ashore for the coming month, while around 150 people, mostly from the deck and engine departments, will remain on the vessel for the work.

In the early part of each year, Logos Hope is taken out of the water for inspections required to renew her Passenger Ship Safety Certificate. Surveyors assess the hull of the vessel, which was built in 1973, and check her propellers and anchors, recording any changes. It’s an opportunity to grit-blast below the water line, to remove the rust and barnacles which have accumulated over the 10,502 nautical miles the ship has sailed since last year’s dry dock.

Logos Hope’s Technical Manager, Harald Smit (Netherlands) co-ordinates the specialist sub-contractors. It’s an international effort. Harald says, “We always try to find local companies, to keep our costs down. There are many firms we have long-standing relationships with as well. The five-year service on our three cranes is being done by people coming from the Faroe Islands, which is where the ship was in service previously. The realignment of main engine number four will be overseen by a Dutch team and Radio Holland will check the communications equipment on Logos Hope’s bridge.”

Other work includes testing the bow thruster and rudders, renewing steelwork, checking the vessel’s stabilisers and load-testing the lifeboats. The Trinidadian sub-contractor surveying the lifeboat mechanisms has kindly offered his services at no cost, as a way of supporting Logos Hope’s work.

In similar fashion, International Paint supplies materials at a reduced price, so much of the vessel’s exterior will be gleaming with a fresh coat of paint, thanks to another special partnership.

When the job’s done, those who have helped ready the ship for another year of service are invited to a thank-you reception, which Harald always enjoys: “They and their families can have a tour and receive discount vouchers for our book fair. It’s another way we show that Logos Hope is different and share the faith which motivates us, whatever we do.”

Watch the ship arrive in the dry dock here:



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