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Shipshape again

14 Apr, 2017 :: Willemstad, Curaçao

Logos Hope’s Passenger Ship Safety Certificate has been renewed after successful completion of annual maintenance in Curaçao. 

The 44-year old vessel’s hull, machinery and systems have passed the regular surveys required by maritime law.

The four-week phase of work was meticulously planned by Logos Hope’s Technical Project Manager Matt Blair (Australia), and executed by an international team of marine operations experts, volunteer crewmembers and shipyard workers. 

“It takes a lot of planning to manage more than 130 people to complete over 400 jobs; working alongside the shipyard and ten other sub-contractors, sequenced in such a way that we do not get in each other’s way,” Matt said. 

“We acknowledge with a deep sense of gratitude all those on board who have worked so hard and in harmony to finish the work.”

Key tasks carried out include: welding and steelwork, engine maintenance, servicing of all three cranes and the vessel’s stabilisers, tests of the lifeboats and lifesaving equipment, as well as giving much of the exterior a fresh coat of paint.

While the dry dock team was readying Logos Hope for another year of service, the rest of the ship’s community spread out across the island of Curaçao and overseas. Some gave presentations of what life on board is like and encouraged others to consider volunteering; while many were involved in outreach projects including working with children, helping to improve community facilities, and sharing hope in care homes and hospitals. In all, 150 crewmembers gave a combined 13,000 hours of voluntary time to 19 different projects on the island.

Six training courses were also running during the month, and the ship’s school and family accommodation were re-sited ashore. Arranging transport, food and accommodation logistics for all the comings and goings was down to a team of five organised crewmembers. They also rallied those who were available on land to help with a mammoth clean-up of the vessel’s interior before everyone moved back on board.

Logos Hope had one final test to complete at sea: on departure from Willemstad, the ship was swung around in a circle to calibrate her newly-installed magnetic compass. Then it was full steam ahead to the island of Bonaire, where she will be open to the public until 19 April.

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