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A wealth of knowledge

16 Jun, 2017 :: Montego Bay, Jamaica

Logos Hope’s renown as ‘the world’s largest floating bookfair’ is a title earned and sustained with a great deal of hard work. During the ship’s five weeks in Kingston, volunteers met many Jamaicans with fond memories of the ship and the selection of books she carries. To maintain such a reputation, crewmembers keep track of trends in book sales from country to country so that they can stock the bookfair’s shelves with the most popular titles when the ship returns to a port.

During the official opening ceremony in Montego Bay, the guest of honour, the acting Custos of St James, Claudette Bryan, told crewmembers, “The majority of my book collection was purchased on the ships.” Over 260,000 books were sold during the four busy weeks the bookfair was open in Kingston, Jamaica. Visitors appreciate the thought and variety put into the selection of books made available, so crewmembers have been working hard restocking shelves for their second Jamaican port of call: Montego Bay.

“These books have benefited me greatly in my walk with God; I know that this experience has been the same for many Jamaicans,” said Custos Bryan. “The richness and wealth of knowledge cannot be measured by time and space, but only eternity will tell.”

The Custos’ experience with the organisation’s ships extends beyond the books in the bookfair. “The visit of Logos Hope has brought back many pleasant memories. When Logos II came in 1996, my family hosted Fernando from Mexico, who had come to prepare for the ship’s visit.” Ms Bryan explained that her son turned eight during Logos II’s visit, and that he was invited to celebrate his birthday with a party on the ship. It was an honour and an experience that elicits an emotional reaction in Custos Bryan, even twenty years on. She told volunteers, “We still talk about that to this day.”

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