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A new passion to serve God

13 Apr, 2018 :: Veracruz, Mexico

First Baptist Church of Veracruz, led by pastor Jaime Rojas Enríquez, gave a warm welcome to a group of Logos Hope's crewmembers who participated in Sunday services; sharing testimonies, motivational messages and songs of praise.

Wan Li Haw (East Asia Pacific) climbed the pulpit and spoke about a period in her life: “From a very young age, I looked for God but nobody spoke to me about Him.” At age 22, Wan Li was in a serious accident and recovered miraculously. “I know God gave me a second chance,” she said, “And I promised to serve Him every day of my new life.”

Seated in the third row, married couple Omar López Ramírez and Nancy Moctezuma listened with tears in their eyes. They were grateful for the miraculous recovery of their son, Omar David, who had been near death, due to a serious illness. “We believe God has a plan for our son,” Nancy said. “During the service, I felt that the Lord was telling me that this strong test should not be forgotten, as it will renew our strength every day and encourage us to move forward.”

Shinya Funakoshi (Japan) was accompanied by his wife and daughter, who live on Logos Hope too. Sharing his own personal story, Shinya told the congregation, “My father came to this same church 35 years ago and I only realised when I looked at the picture he sent me.” Showing the church a photograph, he said, “I am very moved to know that my father was in this same church and that, even if he does not return to Mexico, you will see him again in heaven."

Pastor Enríquez thanked the crew for their participation and encouraged the church to consider sending missionaries to parts of the world which still have not heard the gospel. “We know that the Lord asks us to leave our comfort zone to go out into the world,” the pastor said. 

His message reached two brothers: 19-year-old Arturo and 18-year-old Andrés González Medina, who are members of the youth group. The young men said they are ready to begin missionary service. “We are encouraged by the testimony of these wonderful people from Asia,” said Arturo, “If they go around the world, we can as well, by the grace of our Lord."

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