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God at work

05 Oct, 2018 :: Acajutla, El Salvador

Logos Hope crewmembers spent three days in an area called Jujutla, and stayed with a community and their church in order to teach them ways of sharing the gospel. The community has 400 inhabitants, with around 50% of them being Christians.

The team of volunteers focused on mission and taught the church members different creative ways they themselves use to share the Good News with others. They taught them several ways of sharing the gospel message through visual aids. One of these is called ‘Paper Cross’, which consists of telling a story while folding a sheet of paper, tearing it and revealing the shape of a cross.

Liz West (South Africa) shared, “They were so enthusiastic to learn. It really impacted them and they were so excited. Whatever we taught them, they’re going to run with it, I’m sure. The pastor was encouraging them and they would say ‘Teach us more!’.” As the youth group went out to use what they had learned, one man gave his life to Christ.

In order to encourage the church further, Yoshi Ulziikhuu (Mongolia) explained that even though he was born in a Christian family, he was never interested in God. But through becoming aware of his own sin and guilt, he decided to turn to God for forgiveness. “I confessed to God, and He gave me peace. I found an interest for Him, I wanted to know Him, so I started reading my Bible, reading Christian books, which I never used to do.” Yoshi linked his message to missions: “I know God loves me and He loves other people, so I need to tell them how much God loves them.”

In addition to the lessons taught, Logos Hope’s team brought practical help to the community. The team tested people’s eyesight, and gave each person who needed it a free pair of reading glasses. They also donateted 50 pairs of ‘The Shoe That Grows’ to children. These can be adjusted when the children grow, meaning that they can have good shoes that will last. “I was touched to see how people appreciated it,” Liz commented.

After their three days in the mountains, the crewmembers shared that what touched them most in that time, was seeing God at work.

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