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Meet the world

04 Dec, 2018 :: Guayaquil, Ecuador

Logos Hope welcomed local people to a show called ‘Meet the world,’ offering visitors the opportunity to discover a little more of the different cultures the ship’s crewmembers represent. Various countries were depicted through artistic performances by the crewmembers themselves.

The cultural diversity of the onboard community was showcased through percussion, dance and song; with each aspect being very visual. The ship's volunteers, who are drawn from more than 60 different countries, performed a Korean fan dance as well as Indian 'Bollywood', hip hop, Mexican and Tahitian dances. They also sang together in an African choir.

Each colourful act took the audience on an imaginative journey from place to place. As well as what they saw and heard, people could participate in games and each ‘explorer’ visiting a new country had to discover values important to life there.

Richard Villalta, who came to the event with his family, said, “It was very interesting and striking. There was a good message. You are all very amiable and you did a good job. It is interesting for those of us who haven’t been to other countries. You are very diverse.” Mr. Villalta was also pleased with the values taught, saying that they set a good example for his children.

One of the masters of ceremony at the event, Juliana Medina (Colombia), explained that through the variety of cultures, the crewmembers shared their personal hope and values with the audience. “We speak about joy, amiability, kindness, peace – and all these things unite to give hope. I can talk about something that I live daily, with people who do not get to hear about this. Every time I have the opportunity to be at this event, I go,” she said, excitedly.

Many attendees wanted to thank the crewmembers after the event. One of the children in the audience, Sergio Delgado, was excited to learn about other cultures. “My favourite part was the last item - the drama,” he said. “The message was good. People should come, because the shows are spectacular!”