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Focusing on Christ at Christmas

28 Dec, 2018 :: Guayaquil, Ecuador

Fifteen years after Logos II crewmembers visited a bustling tourist area in Guayaquil, Logos Hope’s current crew also reached out to people in the 'Malecón 2000' pier area. On Christmas Eve, they shared the hope of the season through a series of talent shows.

Local authorities had enacted a regulation forbidding open-air presentations of the gospel message not long before Logos II's 2003 arrival, but an exception was made for those connected with the vessel. Logos Hope’s crewmembers were also free to bring the same timeless message to Malecón, which sees thousands of people passing by each day, to eat, stroll and enjoy the waterfront atmosphere. 

Crewmembers performed different dances, songs, instrumental pieces and used sign language while others directly connected with individuals in the crowd, to share the Good News of the gospel and the heart of the Christmas story. Leonel Soledispa, a passer-by who had stopped to watch the crewmembers’ performance, asked the volunteers a lot of questions about their different nationalities, their activity with Logos Hope, and the reason why they volunteer on board the ship.

“I am amazed that you could unite people from over 60 countries, I am amazed by you all; your amiability, the show… I never expected to one day see something like this. I love what you do with Logos Hope, it is incredible,” Leonel enthused. “I liked that each country represented its culture.”

Between two performances, the master of ceremonies reminded the crowd that the evening’s celebration was about God becoming man so that man could experience His love. “I learnt that each country celebrates Christmas differently, but all are united in Jesus Christ,” Leonel added.

Lauren Wotherspoon (South Africa), who stayed in the audience to connect with people, shared her joy at the end of the show: “Today was a day full of Jesus, full of fun and it was awesome to see the people who came and supported us. They were open to what we had to share; God blessed us.”

The ship’s volunteers distributed books which helped them start conversations. Lauren talked with a man separated from his daughter, who is in Venezuela. “We told him about Jesus and tried to encourage him,” said Lauren. She added, “Jesus is for everybody, He is a free gift. All you have to say is, ‘Jesus, here I am!’”

After an afternoon of performing and discussing their faith, the crewmembers returned to their floating home for a joyous family celebration of the birth of Jesus.

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