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Serving is worship

01 Feb, 2019 :: Antofagasta, Chile

Several groups of crewmembers gave their time and energy to refurbish a medical centre in Antofagasta. The centre is owned by the Chilean Association of Baptist churches but had become neglected over the years. 

The project was dear to the heart of Juan Nunez (Chile), one of Logos Hope’s crewmembers who originally comes from this city and is a member of one of the Baptist churches. After participating in the four days of work to freshen up the medical facility, Juan, who is a dentist, offered free dental care to those in the community who needed it.

Accompanied by other dentists from the ship and a local volunteer, they treated patients who needed check-ups, fillings, oral cleanings and tooth extractions. The dentists used the ship’s portable equipment and a dental truck, lent by the regional government of Antofagasta. Crewmembers also offered eye tests to identify local people’s eyesight issues, and gave prescription reading glasses to each person who needed them, free of charge.

“People were so happy," said Juan. "Dental care is very expensive and people don’t have money to pay for it. They were very thankful to receive this care for free.” He then explained, “This centre was built by American missionaries but it had been abandoned. My friends and I wanted to renovate it. God sent the ship here and this was a great opportunity to start doing the work. My friends told me they are very excited that God sent the ship's crew to offer this great help to restore this place.”

Daniela Bravo, a local volunteer who also was one of the dentists, said, “I am glad I could use my skills to help and serve others. This kind of activity helps demonstrate God’s love: through this service, we were worshipping Him and loving our neighbour.”

As he was reflecting on the day, Juan said, “Everything we have, God gave us. This includes our profession. Serving people is my way of thanking God for what He gave me. When we are united to work for the same goal, great things can happen in just one day. We have to let God use us.”

The team effort resulted in the ship's crewmembers taking care of 63 people’s teeth and giving free reading glasses to 150 people.

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