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Unexpected love and respect

28 Jun, 2019 :: Rosario, Argentina

Chatting to church members from a vulnerable community, crewmembers realised they had an opportunity to help by gifting their clothes to the Roperito scheme, which means ‘Little wardrobe.’

The crewmembers also welcomed the church to Logos Hope, to give them a training on human trafficking so they are better equipped to protect their own community or prevent crime.

As part of raising awareness of one aspect of human trafficking – prostitution –  two crewmembers performed a drama where a woman, desperate to find work so she can feed her child, accepts a job in Africa. The woman ends up being assaulted, tied up and forced to sell her body.

One of the actors, Tom* (Germany), explained, “Through this drama, people get more insight of what human trafficking is. There are screams; sometimes a drama provokes more reaction than giving information.” Some of the church members were visibly moved by what they witnessed. In this way, crew want to show that each person who is trafficked had a life and hoped for better before they were trapped in difficult situations.

Pastor Analia Coni said her church is going to pray differently from now on, as they had never realised the scale of human trafficking. “Often, people in our country disappear… People with little means don’t have anyone to guide them,” she says. “They should hear what we learnt. I am so thankful to Logos Hope for all the love we received. Christ needs people like you who give their best.”

The ship donated Bibles to the church, as well as audio Bibles for two members who are blind. Analia told one of the volunteers, “In life we have been treated like second-class people, so we never expected to be treated with such respect. My congregation was in tears and said that this is what heaven must look like; all tribes and nations living in peace and worshipping God together.”

*Name changed

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