OM Ships International

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National Workers Fund

Allowing Christians from any nation to serve with OM Ships International is not always straightforward. Approximately 150 crew come from regions where raising finances to serve on board is a major barrier to joining. Rather than turn away those with a desire and calling, efforts are made to sponsor their length of service. Through this programme people representing a myriad of countries, from Mexico to Mongolia and from Poland to the Philippines, are able to serve on board. Through their time on board these crewmembers are equipped with valuable ministry skills for future service.

Whilst we place an emphasis on training people in raising their financial support, we are heavily subsidising those who would otherwise be unable to join the crew and benefit from the training opportunities on board. Average monthly costs for a crewmember are €540 (US$795, £400).

Through the generosity of sponsors in Hong Kong, Batulzii was one of the first Mongolians to serve with OM Ships International. Arriving home, he became the pastor of a church that has since grown to over 250 believers. Further using the skills he learned on board, Batulzii now hopes to plant churches in the countryside where there are far fewer Christians.