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January Feature :: The 40 most visited ports

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  1. Singapore
    Singapore is the most visited port in the 40 years of OM Ships International’s history with 33 ship visits. It holds a special place in the history as it was also the port of registry for the original Logos. Over the last 40 years, many visits to Singapore have included time in dry dock, periods that allow for necessary renovations and repairs on the ships. Most recently, in March 2010, Doulos was transferred to a buyer in Singapore and renamed Doulos Phos. Looking forward, Logos Hope has plans for a special Christmas celebration in Singapore in 2011.
  1. Bridgetown, Barbados – 16 visits
    In October 2009, Logos Hope completed the ministry’s 16th visit to Bridgetown. After many years of fruitful ministry in this island nation, this visit had crew members focused on prayer and encouraging locals. While a number of days were spent out at anchor, crew were still able to connect with locals traveling ashore by lifeboat. Many friends were made at the Kid’s Breakfast Club where crew helped serve the morning meal alongside local Christians at St. Ambrose Parish Centre in the Nelson Street red-light district. A Logos Hope team read storybooks and played with the kids every morning as these children had a need to just be kids and to know that someone wanted to be their friend.
  1. Kowloon/Hong Kong – 15 visits
  1. Manila, Philippines – 14 visits
  1. Castries, St. Lucia – 12 visits
    During the Logos II visit to Castries in 2008, two groups from the ship visited a local prison. After one programme that was presented to about 60 inmates 17 of these individuals began a new relationship with God. It was an incredible opportunity to bring hope and pray with these people who are often thought of as unacceptable in society.
  1. Bombay/Mumbai, India – 11 visits
  1. Cebu, Philippines – 11 visits
    In 1981, Cebu was the 250th port visit for Logos which had been here three times before but not since 1975. On arrival city leaders greeted the ship along with a band and the assistant Mayor gave a welcome speech. This was the beginning of an exciting port visit. In the 18 day visit 33,839 visitors came to the ship while 45 weekday meetings were held on shore, 18 different groups attended programmes on board (not including the standard conferences) and in 3 Sundays teams took part in 60 different local church services!
  1. Colombo, Sri Lanka – 11 visits
    By 1988, Logos had already visited Sri Lanka six times. When Doulos stopped in Colombo that year the Minister of Cultural Affairs commented on the atmosphere on board at the official opening: “As soon as I stepped on board, the one thing that struck me most was the unity among the people represented on board this ship. If people of 35 nations can live, work, and serve together, I cannot see why people of Sri Lanka cannot get on together in such a large space.” During another visit 17 years later, Doulos was in dry dock in Colombo and twenty teams travelled all over Sri Lanka, with a clear goal of partnering with locals to impact communities. A community development coordinator in the area organised opportunities for the teams to participate in a diverse range of practical projects, including building a community centre, a rainwater harvester and a children’s park. Teams also donated books and other school supplies donations for children at several local schools.
  1. Kingstown, St Vincent and the Grenadines – 11 visits
  1. Port of Spain, Trinidad – 11 visits
  1. Valletta, Malta – 11 visits
    For any crew and staff of Doulos and Logos II, Valletta, Malta is well known as it was the port of registry for both of these vessels. This has allowed for repeated visits back to Malta and long-standing connections with officials and locals who remember coming on board for previous ship visits. Most recently Logos Hope visited Malta in 2010 and continued the encouragement of local believers on this unique island in the Mediterranean.
  1. Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia – 10 visits
    During a three-week stay in 1987, Doulos had 62,000 visitors and 6,500 guests attending special onboard programmes. A total of 33 different events were held on board which provided locals with much needed training. An audience survey taken at the farewell meeting revealed that many of the 500 people present had been coming back again and again to the conferences. The majority had come three times and many had been on board five times. One man had attended 14 different meetings during the visit. It is fulfilling for crew and staff to be able to have such repeated influence in people’s lives.
  1. Kuching, Malaysia – 10 visits
  1. Bangkok, Thailand – 9 visits
    In 2001, Doulos visited Bangkok and had a special opportunity to encrouage and bring help to 16 schools in southern Thailand that had been ravaged by flooding. A team from the ship was able to distribute 4,000 “Kid to Kid” packs that had been provided by children in the USA.
  1. Dubai, United Arab Emirates – 9 visits
    Logos Hope is scheduled to visit Dubai at the end of January. Please join with us in prayer for this special visit. Take a look at the current schedule.
  1. Kaohsiung City, Taiwan – 9 visits
    During Doulos visit in 2009, the onboard cafés proved to be an excellent platform for one-on-one conversations. Over 200 people attended a European themed café and through the songs, dances and dramas crewmembers shared their personal stories. Taiwanese visitors soon relaxed in the friendly atmosphere, and felt more confident to try their English with crew. Through these events and other interactions, a number of people began a new relationship with God. As Doulos sailed away from Kaohsiung, those on board had many stories to share of how bridges had been built with the local community.
  1. Las Palmas, Canary Islands – 9 visits
    As in many ports of call, in 1984 Logos experienced much generosity from the residents of this island city. The ship left with a new shaft for one of the lifeboat davits, two tons of fish, 60 dozen eggs, 280 pairs of shoes, payment of all line-up expenses and three freshly slaughtered sheep! The port authorities and the ship’s agent also reduced their expenses.
  1. Balboa, Panama – 8 visits
  1. Basettere, St. Kitts and Nevis – 8 visits
    In 2006 Logos II made a spontaneous two-day stop in Basettere. Though unplanned, the time was used to the fullest, with crewmembers bringing a message of hope to two schools and a hospital. In addition, the island’s prison welcomed a team of crew and gratefully received a donation of 200 Bibles and other Christian books. Over 8,400 people came on board in two days and on the second day the book fair team needed help from other departments to serve the many visitors. Though this visit was a short one many locals enjoyed their visit to the ship and interaction with crew members visiting their communities.
  1. Kingston, Jamaica – 8 visits
    Visits to Kingston always see lots of visitors coming aboard one of the “book ships”. The five week visit of Logos Hope in 2010 was no different as 135,758 people came on board Logos Hope with great enthusiasm to buy books and meet crew members. Get a glimpse of the excitement of this visit through this episode of ShipSHOTS.
  1. Penang, Malaysia  – 8 visits
    During a visit to Penang by Doulos in 1990, 38 Filipino fishermen attended an evening on board and began a new relationship with God. 20 of them were able to come back later for a follow-up meeting. However they didn’t come alone; they brought 25 other fishermen with them and more than half of these also began following Jesus as they heard the message of hope.
  1. Port Kelang, Malaysia – 8 visits
  1. Scarborough, Tobago – 8 visits
  1. St Johns, Antigua – 8 visits
  1. Tema, Ghana – 8 visits
  1. Belfast, N. Ireland, UK – 7 visits
  1. Bremen, Germany – 7 visits
    A large community of refugees, immigrants and guest workers live in the Bremen area. During the 1990 visit of Logos II special meetings were held for eight different ethnic group, including Arameans, Filipinos and Chinese. This latter programme was organized by a Chinese woman who, during a visit of Doulos 12 years earlier, was encouraged to work among her own people. Many of those in attendance had come to faith and been built into a small fellowship through her life and its multiplying effect.
  1. Calcutta, India – 7 visits
    The original vision for an ocean-going book ship began with the idea of transporting people and literature to India, since transport over land took many long hours and incurred much expense. This vision was realised during the 1987 visit of Doulos when crewmembers and local believers distributed one and a half million pieces of literature all over the city.
  1. Cochin, India – 7 visits
  1. Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania – 7 visits
    The 80 pupils from Olof Palme Royal School had a surprise when they visited Doulos in 2002. These children lost their parents through AIDS and were on board for a special programme. They never expected to meet the captain though! “We want to commend their immense concern for the orphans,” said Captain Alex Feddes (Netherlands) about the school’s work. His words were backed up by action – Doulos donated atlases, encyclopaedias and a youth Bible for the school’s new library. The treats for the children didn’t stop there as each one received a Kid-to-Kid pack of hygiene items and a copy of the ‘Most Important Story Ever Told’ book.  Abraham Lukindo, one of the school staff, was touched by the day’s events. “We’d like to thank the Doulos team,” he said. “Today we have seen Jesus,” the Tanzanian continued.
  1. Durban, South Africa – 7 visits
  1. Georgetown, Guyana – 7 visits
  1. London, England, UK – 7 visits
  1. Madras/Chennai, India – 7 visits
  1. Maracaibo, Venezuela – 7 visits
    During the 2002 visit of Logos II to Maracaibo, the ship hosted many special visitors including one memorable group of 45 members of the Amerindian Yukpa tribe, who drove four hours from their homes in the Venezuelan interior to see the ship. This was not only a unique experience for the Yukpas, but for ship’s company as well.  As they had a meal together in the dining room, the chief of the tribe expressed his thanks to Captain Steve Baker (England) for their time on board, presenting Logos II with gifts and they were in turn given Bibles. One man from the tribe said: “It’s amazing to be here. We’ve been waiting for so long to come – it has been a dream of ours. I see this opportunity as a gift from God, and in the same way that you are appreciative of us, we are appreciative of you!”
  1. Roseau, Dominica – 7 visits
  1. St George’s, Grenada – 7 visits
    In 2004, Logos II made an unscheduled stop in St. George, Grenada to provide emergency aid after the devastation of Hurricane Ivan. Instead of the normal conferences and opening the book fair crew focused on rebuilding and construction projects working with the Red Cross, Samaritan’s Purse and other organisations. Many teams went out to put on a programme for children, talking with them, performing dramas and sharing their stories and books were donated to pastors to rebuild libraries that had been destroyed in the hurricane. For a few weeks, Logos II crew were able to bring help and God’s love and hope after devastating losses in Grenada.
  1. Visakhapatnam, India – 7 visits
    A highlight of the 2006 visit of Doulos was the International Night which was held in a 4,000 seat, open-air amphitheatre. “The day before the ship came we had boxes of tickets remaining,” said team leader Sandi Sonteya (South Africa). “We thought that maybe we should have gone for a smaller venue!” However once the ship arrived demand for tickets picked up, especially on the day of the show itself. In the end the theatre was overflowing with people, many of whom stayed behind after the show to talk with crewmembers. God also answered all the prayers for good weather as it was monsoon season. The evening turned out to be beautiful and without rain, while the following morning the skies let loose with a thunder storm, heavy downpour and even hailstones!
  1. Port Said, Egypt – 7 visits
  2. Suez, Egypt – 7 visits
    The ships have often stopped in Port Said and Suez for technical stops and to refuel before or after passage through the Suez Canal. Yet Logos Hope’s two-week visit to Port Said in November 2010 allowed for deeper connections with locals through onboard events and cultural programmes. “This is not an ordinary event for us. It doesn’t happen every day in Port Said,” remarked Wessam Elshatawy, English teacher at the city’s International Language and Computer Centre. He had come with students from his elementary class to an ‘English café’ event on Logos Hope. The evening included cultural songs and dances from around the world, a quiz and games to help students improve their grasp of the language. In an e-mail after the visit he wrote, "My students and I loved the event. I'd really like to thank all of the crew of Logos Hope for your great hospitality and your kindness."

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