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March Feature :: The 40 question quiz

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With 40 years of ministry in ports around the world, our numbers and historical facts tell stories of cultural experiences and transformed lives. Through March we offered a quiz to let visitors see how much they know about the ministry. From the respondents, four people were randomly selected to receive a free copy of Operation World:

  • A. Fourie, South Africa
  • A. Byrd, USA
  • C. Knirk, USA
  • R. Zwischelsberger, Austria

The quiz is no longer available but the questions and answers are below.

Q.1) On what date did OM’s first ship Logos set sail enabling us to celebrate 40 years of ministry?
  A. October 15, 1970
  B. February 18, 1971 (correct answer)
  C. March 1, 1971
  D. October 21, 1988
Q.2) Which ship was described in the International Marine Engineering magazine as one of the “most modern and largest freight steamships operating on the Atlantic coast”?
  A. Logos
  B. Doulos (correct answer)
  C. Logos II
  D. Logos Hope
Q.3) Which of our four ships was formerly owned by the Danish government’s Royal Department of Trade?
  A. Logos (correct answer)
  B. Doulos
  C. Logos II
  D. Logos Hope
Q.4) Which ship was at one time chartered by the International Catholic Travel Committee to bring pilgrims from New York to Rome in 1950?
  A. Logos
  B. Doulos (correct answer)
  C. Logos II
  D. Logos Hope
Q.5) How many of our ships were built in Europe?
  A. 1
  B. 2
  C. 3 (correct answer)
  D. 4
Q.6) Since the beginning of ministry, our ships have sailed approximately how many nautical miles?
  A. 1,000,000
  B. 800,000 (correct answer)
  C. 500,000
  D. 300,000
Q.7) On June 12, 1971 during the visit to Madras, India, the largest number of visitors to Logos in a day came on board. How many came that day?
  A. Over 3,000
  B. Over 5,000
  C. Over 10,000
  D. Over 15,000 (correct answer)
Q.8) On September 11, 1988 during the Doulos visit to Taichung, Taiwan, the largest ever number of visitors to our ships in a single day was recorded. How many came that day?
  A. Over 15,000
  B. Over 18,000
  C. Over 24,000 (correct answer)
  D. Over 30,000
Q.9) On May 1, 1991 during the visit to Tema, Ghana the largest number of visitors for Logos II in a single day was recorded. How many was that?
  A. Over 8,000
  B. Over 10,000
  C. Over 13,000 (correct answer)
  D. Over 15,000
Q.10) On December 6, 2010 during the visit to Port Said, Egypt, the largest ever number of visitors for Logos Hope in a single day was recorded. How many was that?
  A. Over 8,000
  B. Over 10,000
  C. Over 13,000 (correct answer)
  D. Over 15,000
Q.11) Of more than 2.5 million books purchased on Logos Hope so far what percentage of these were Christian books and Bibles?
  A. 12%
  B. 23%
  C. 30% (correct answer)
  D. 37%
Q.12) How many litres of fuel does Logos Hope need to operate for one day?
  A. 1300
  B. 1700
  C. 2000
  D. 2200 (correct answer)
Q.13) Which ship was recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records as the oldest operational ocean-going passenger ship?
  A. Logos
  B. Doulos (correct answer)
  C. Logos II
  D. Logos Hope
Q.14) In one week, Logos Hope’s galley (kitchen) uses around how many eggs?
  A. 400
  B. 1000 (correct answer)
  C. 1600
  D. 2000
Q.15) If put end to end, how long would all the shelves in Logos Hope's book fair be?
  A. 800 m
  B. 1300 m (correct answer)
  C. 1600 m
  D. 2000 m
Q.16) What is the total number of people that Logos Hope’s Visitor Experience Deck is permitted to hold at one time?
  A. 450
  B. 800 (correct answer)
  C. 1100
  D. 1500
Q.17) What is the area of carpet on Logos Hope that is vacuumed daily? 
  A. 432 square metres
  B. 1298 square metres
  C. 2847 square metres (correct answer)
  D. 3565 square metres
Q.18) How many steps are there on the various stairways on board Logos Hope?
  A. 561 (correct answer)
  B. 723
  C. 996
  D. 1013
Q.19) Approximately how many books are stored in the book hold on Logos Hope?
  A. 300,000
  B. 400,000
  C. 500,000 (correct answer)
  D. 700,000
Q.20) How many engines power Logos Hope?
  A. 1 main engine with a total of 5,000 HP
  B. 2 main engines with a total of 8,000 HP
  C. 4 main engines with a total of 16,000 HP (correct answer)
  D. 6 main engines with a total of 27,500 HP
Q.21) How much water is used daily on Logos Hope?
  A. 32,000 litres
  B. 48,000 litres
  C. 56,000 litres
  D. 64,000 litres (correct answer)
Q.22) How many beds are there on Logos Hope?
  A. 467
  B. 492 (correct answer)
  C. 533
  D. 611
Q.23) Over the last 40 years, approximately how many local churches has the Ship Ministry partnered with?
  A. 27,000
  B. 39,000
  C. 46,000
  D. 55,000 (correct answer)
Q.24) Which of our ships was launched by a sponsor who then returned on board and said, “After 64 years we meet again you beautiful ship. You have given me great happiness and joy”?
  A. Logos
  B. Doulos (correct answer)
  C. Logos II
  D. Logos Hope
Q.25) How many litres of milk is used in one week on Logos Hope?
  A. 150
  B. 290
  C. 360
  D. 500 (correct answer)
Q.26) Which one of these has not been a port of registration for one of the four ships?
  A. Germany (correct answer)
  B. Singapore
  C. Malta
  D. Faroe Islands
Q.27) For how many years has the headquarters for the Ship Ministry been located in Mosbach, Germany?
  A. 25
  B. 28
  C. 30 (correct answer)
  D. 37
Q.28) In one week, Logos Hope uses how many kilos of garlic?
  A. 1
  B. 3 (correct answer)
  C. 7
  D. 11
Q.29) How many lifeboats are on board Logos Hope (not including fast rescue boats or liferafts)?
  A. 4
  B. 6 (correct answer)
  C. 12
  D. 20
Q.30) In total, the ships have made more than 1,400 port visits in how many countries and territories?
  A. 110
  B. 138
  C. 145
  D. 162 (correct answer)
Q.31) Approximately how many children have visited the ships over the last 40 years?
  A. 2 million
  B. 5 million
  C. 10 million (correct answer)
  D. We lost count
Q.32) In 40 years, how many portions of Scripture have been distributed?
  A. Over 20 million
  B. Over 30 million
  C. Over 40 million (correct answer)
  D. Over 50 million
Q.33) In 40 years, how many Bibles and New Testaments have been purchased on board the ships? 
  A. Over 1 million
  B. Over 2 million (correct answer)
  C. Over 3 million
  D. Over 4 million
Q.34) During the first two years of active ministry, how many visitors were welcomed on board Logos Hope
  A. 880,000
  B. 1 million
  C. Over 1.3 million (correct answer)
  D. Over 1.6 million
Q.35) How long after Logos ran aground was she replaced with a passenger car ferry, renamed Logos II?
  A. 6 months
  B. 1 year (correct answer)
  C. 5 years
  D. 40 years
Q.36) Approximately how many phones does Logos Hope have on board? 
  A. 100
  B. 250
  C. 300
  D. 500 (correct answer)
Q.37) The gross tonnage of Logos Hope is almost twice that of Doulos, what is it?
  A. 4,804 tonnes
  B. 6,302 tonnes
  C. 10,219 tonnes
  D. 12,519 tonnes (correct answer)
Q.38) With a length of 132.5 m, a width of 21.06 m and a height of 35 m Logos Hope is similar in size to what other vessel?
  A. Noah's Ark (correct answer)
  B. Doulos
  C. Titanic
  D. Queen Elizabeth 2
Q.39) Over 40 years, how many educational books have been sold in our book fairs?
  A. Over 17 million
  B. Over 19 million
  C. Over 21 million (correct answer)
  D. Over 23 million
Q.40) How many steps are there on the visitors’ gangway of Logos Hope?
  A. 25
  B. 32
  C. 36
  D. 40 (correct answer)

Through God’s faithfulness and blessing, the ministry of OM Ships has made a tangible difference in the lives of millions of people around the world.

Please consider a gift to help continue this legacy of transforming lives by bringing knowledge, help and hope. You can make a donation online right now or through your local OM office.

Thank you for your prayers and support of the ministry. You are welcome to leave us a note about the quiz using the link below.