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April Feature :: 40 dignitaries who have visited the ships

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Grouped by decade, the following 40 people have stood out as people of influence who have visited one of the ships and, in many cases, graciously expressed their appreciation for the mission and vision of these unique vessels.


Honourable P.V. Narasimha Rao
Chief Minister of the State of Andhra Pradesh
Visakhapatnam, India - February 1972
Guest of Honour at the official opening on board. He later became Prime Minister of India (1991-1996).

President Marcos, wife and daughter visit the LOGOS with 350 body guards-frogmen under the ship - helicopters over the ship and guards throughout the ship.
Ferdinand Marcos
Manila, Philippines - July 1972
Visited the ship together with the First Lady and one of their daughters.

His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I
Massawa, Ethiopia - October 1973
Opened the book fair on shore in Addis Ababa to inaugurate the visit of the ship.

Mr. V.P. Naik
Chief Minister of the State of Maharashtra
Bombay, India - January 1973
The Guest of Honour at the opening of the book fair.

Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam
Prime Minister
Port Louis, Mauritius - July 1977
As the first Prime Minister of the independent nation, and known as the “Father of the Nation”, he opened the book fair on board.

Prince Mikasa at the helm of Logos during his visit to the ship.
Prince Mikasa
Brother of the Emperor at the time
Yokohama, Japan - June 1978
Guest of Honour for the official opening of the ship’s visit.

Dr. Donald Coggan
The Archbishop of Canterbury
London, England - September 1978
Guest of Honour at the official opening and opened his speech with the words “I like your Greek” referring to the names of our two ships, Logos and Doulos.

Dr. Luis Palau
Internationally renowned Christian speaker and author
Veracruz, Mexico - January 1979
Guest speaker at an onboard event and later said the following about the ministry: “One of the joys I have experienced is working with OM Ships in Latin America.

Vice-President Chaves arrives on the quayside to visit Doulos.
Aureliano Chaves
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - August 1979
Guest of Honour at the official opening on board.


President Fernando Belaúnde Terry (left) enjoys a cup of coffee with Captain Carl Isaacson.
Fernando Belaúnde Terry
Callao, Peru - September 1980
Visited the ship and invited a delegation of 25 from the ship to visit the Presidential Palace.

Jordi Pujol opening the book fair on Logos in 1983.
Sr. Jordi Pujol
President of the Province of Catalonia
Barcelona, Spain - January 1983
Inaugurated the book fair on board and wrote the following letter to OM Ships International in response to the loss of Logos in 1988, five years after his visit on board:

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
A real message of peace which binds people and countries together no longer exists. The news about the loss of this message, the ship Logos with her valuable cargo of books upset me. I can remember her visit to the port of Barcelona in 1983 before the beginning of her tour. May the people who made the first voyage of the Logos possible, be motivated to work towards a second Logos. Humanity needs her.

Prime Minister Martens is welcomed on board Doulos for the official reception.
Wilfried Martens
Prime Minister
Ghent, Belgium - February 1985
Guest of Honour at the official reception on board

Joseph S. Momoh
Freetown, Sierra Leone - June 1986
Guest of Honour at the official opening on board. “I welcome you to the shores of Sierra Leone, and wish that your mission here will bear fruits of success.

Desmond Tutu
Anglican Archbishop of Cape Town and Nobel Peace Prize winner
Cape Town, South Africa - October 1986
Visited the ship for the first time and spoke at morning devotions for ship’s community and came on board again during the ship’s return visit in 1995.

Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn
Second daughter of the King
Bangkok, Thailand - October 1987
Guest of Honour at a special reception on board. She visited Doulos again in August 2009, during the ship’s 5th and final visit to Bangkok.

Honourable G.L.B. Hurulle
Minister of Cultural Affairs
Colombo, Sri Lanka - February 1988
As soon as I stepped on board, the one thing that struck me most was the unity among the people represented on board this ship.  If people of 35 nations can live, work and serve together, I cannot see why people of Sri Lanka cannot get on together in such a larger space!


Wesley Hall
Minister of Sport and Tourism
Bridgetown, Barbados - June 1993
Logos II
Former international West Indies cricket team member was Guest of Honour at the official opening.

Prime Minister Samuel Hinds exchanging a gift with Captain Tom Dyer (USA).
Samuel Hinds
Prime Minister
Georgetown, Guyana - July 1993 & August 1996
Logos II
Guest of Honour at the official opening for both visits, as well as during Logos Hope’s visit in 2009.

Mrs. Marike De Klerk
Wife of South African State President, Mr F.W. De Klerk
Cape Town, South Africa – April 1993
You know what it means to be servants and to have responsibility towards one another.  That’s what we want to see happening in this country.

Tariq A. Almoayed
Minister of Information
Manama, Bahrain - May 1994
The visit of your ship to Bahrain was certainly a successful event.  The book exhibition held aboard the ship provided a good opportunity to many people in Bahrain to acquaint themselves with books they previously may not have come across.”   

Erol Yalgin
Istanbul, Turkey - June 1994
During history thousands, and maybe ten thousand ships came to Istanbul. But Doulos will always have a different meaning to us. Doulos is an expression of a deep longing that we have especially in this age. We are longing for peace and brotherhood in the world. But on Doulos we see people from 35 nations from different cultures and languages and faces gathering together and learning to live together…

His Majesty King Goodwill Zwelithini KaBhekuzulu, King of Zululand at the official opening of Doulos in 2002.
His Majesty King Zwelithini Goodwill Ka Bhekuzulu
King of the Zulus
Richards Bay, South Africa - January 1994
You are a ray of sunshine in our troubled land. The young Christians at your helm can do so much to spread the message of goodwill to their peers in South Africa. You are living examples of the solution to our crisis of violence – the message of peace and love is the most important message our ravaged communities need to hear.

Dr. Suleiman Al-Askari
General Secretary of the Kuwait National Council for Culture & Arts
Kuwait City, Kuwait - April1995
Welcome to Kuwait. We assure you of our support for your mission which personifies the highest form of human giving.

President Jimmy Carter
United States of America
Swansea, Wales - August 1995
Logos II
If you could only go to Bosnia and let the people there see the spirit that is exemplified in you, we would soon have peace there.

John Stott
Internationally known Christian teacher
London England - November 1995
Logos II
Speaker at onboard conference for pastors and Christian leaders.

President Leonel Fernandez speaks at the official opening on board Logos II.
Leonel Fernández
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic - October 1996
Logos II
Guest of Honour at the official opening on board. During the opening ceremony, the president mentioned that the last time the ship visited the Dominican Republic [in 1993], he had come on board as an ordinary citizen. You never know who you are welcoming when someone walks up the gangway—maybe even future presidents!

2000 and beyond

Yaacoub Sarraf
City Mayor
Beirut, Lebanon - November 2000
Logos II
During the Captain’s Reception, the mayor expressed: “This is the first time I go on a civilian ship.  I have been invited on many war ships that have visited the harbour of Beirut, and instead of praying for you and singing for you, they tell you how many rounds per second the cannon gives.

Guest of Honour Governor H.I. Mandanas shakes hands with Sheila Tan (Singapore) as he arrives.
Hermilando I. Mandanas
Batangas, Philippines -October 2001
Doulos has provided an oasis of peace for the people of Batangas.

Mr. Orville London
Chief Secretary of the House of Assembly in Tobago
Scarborough, Trinidad & Tobago - August 2002
Logos II
Logos II [to us] means books, and I came for the books, but saw another side.  I recognised what I saw was a floating United Nations with a difference, because you have people living and working together in harmony.

The visit of Montenegro's President Filip Vujanovic on board Doulos attracts media attention in teh book fair.
Mr. Filip Vujanovic
Kotor, Montenegro – 2004
I have great respect for what the ship is doing. Your mission is universal. It is committed to all people regardless of race, nation or religious background.

Dr. Mohammed Abdulrahim Kafoud cutting the ribbon to open the book fair on Doulos.
Dr. Mohamed Abdul Raheem Kafood
Chairman of Qatar’s National Council for Culture
Doha, Qatar – February 2006
A messenger of peace, harmony, brotherhood, mutual respect and an unparalleled knowledge bank bringing many books. Let this unique vessel be a role model to other ships equipped with weapons in a turbulent period as of now.”

Bishop Efraim Tendero
National Director of the Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches
Manila, Philippines - January 2007
Served as volunteer on board the ship during her first visit to Manila in 1988, commented at the official opening on board: “At this start of a new year, the ship can point our people to look to God as the source of hope.

Prime Minister Kaj Leo Johannesen shares words of warm welcome to the Faroe Islands.
Kaj Leo Johannesen
Prime Minister
Faroe Islands – April 2009
Logos Hope
In a world where countries are unfortunately all too often divided and struggle to seek unity, Logos Hope serves as a beacon of light and hope for a desperate humanity.

His Excellency Noli de Castro gives his welcoming speech on board Doulos.
His Excellency Noli de Castro
Manila, Philippines - March 2009
We treat you not as visitors, but as friends,” speaking of the Doulos’ seventh visit to Manila at the official opening ceremony.

The Mayor of Keelung, Tong-Rong Chang presents Director Daniel Chae (South Korea) with a commemorative plaque.
Tong-Rong Chang
Mayor of Keelung
Keelung, Taiwan – May 2009
Your dedication and multiculturalism is a window to the world.

Datuk Ellrom Alfred Angin
Assistant Minister of Tourism, Culture and Environment
Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia – August 2009
Doulos has a rich treasure of literature. Let me convey my utmost respect for your contribution.

Her Excellency Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
Monrovia, Republic of Liberia – August 2010
Logos Hope
Knowledge is the one thing that propels any person, any group, any nation. So when you come and expose us to the books you have, you contribute a whole lot to our rebuilding process.

His Excellency George Abela
Valletta, Republic of Malta – October 2010
Logos Hope
Words have a transcendental meaning that goes beyond the material value of them printed on books. Money on the books being sold on Logos Hope is money well spent because books are a good investment for both children and ourselves. Logos Hope aims to make a profit for the soul.

His Highness Sayyid Faisal bin Turki Al Said
Cousin of the Sultan of Oman
Muscat, Oman – January 2011
Logos Hope
This initiative is not just about books. It is about people coming on board and exchanging thoughts, ideas and cultures.

Her Excellency Madam Shiranthi Rajapakse browses some of the titles in Logos Hope's book fair.
Her Excellency Madam Shiranthi Rajapakse
First Lady of Sri Lanka
Colombo, Sri Lanka – March 2011
Logos Hope
It is a great pleasure to visit Logos Hope. Welcome to Sri Lanka and thank you for bringing us knowledge, help and hope. I wish you a very pleasant stay and look forward to your next visit.” The First Lady was also the Guest of Honour during the Doulos visit to Colombo in 2005.