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June Feature :: 40 comments from the Captain's Log

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A young visitor to Logos Hope leaves a note on the Captain's Log

In most ports of call, the Captain's Log is an electronic guestbook that is available for the public to leave a message for the captain and provide feedback about their visit to Logos Hope. In return respondents are sent a link to a photo of the ship in their port to download and save or print as a souvenir of their visit on board. This month we feature some of the kind words that have been shared with the ministry through this mechanism.

“Excellent floating bookshop and very good bargains. The city has been blessed with your visit. The people on the ship are really friendly and one can sense the harmony and the presence of God's favour and His overshadowing. May God bless you all.”
Edinburgh, Scotland

Logos Hope in the Faroe Islands

“Thank you very much for a lovely visit. Very impressed and really very well done. I liked very much the little prayer room and very beautiful texts. God bless you all and enjoy your stay in the Faroe Islands.”
Thorshavn, Faroe Islands

“A very strong signal in this project. It is only possible with unnatural power. May God bless you and all your crew.”
Klaksvik, Faroe Islands

Logos Hope in Belfast, Northern Ireland

“Hi! The boat was great! I bought my very first bible and I’m really excited to start reading it and learning more about God!”
Belfast, Northern Ireland

“I was reading a biography on my granddads’ life and he was asked by George Verwer to help find a ship! So I wanted to come and see his legacy. It’s awesome! You all do an amazing job!”
Dublin, Ireland

“I believe God has made this boat for a reason. I may only be 13 but I believe that God has big plans for this boat and all our lives. God bless you all.”
Cardiff, United Kingdom    

Logos Hope in London, England

“Awesome example of the Lord being bigger than anything we can imagine and reaching further then we could dream.”
London, England

“I came here with four of my children and we have spent a few very enjoyable hours buying books and chatting to the crew. Thank you for a wonderful afternoon.”
Cork, Ireland

Logos Hope in Kingstown, St. Vincent

“I enjoyed the tour of this ship and particularly the books. There are so many that are interesting and I appreciate the work your crew is doing. Keep spreading the word of God and reaching people for Him.”
Kingstown, St. Vincent

Logos Hope in St. Georges, Grenada

“I am working as a volunteer on the ship while you are in Grenada and I really enjoy the crew that I have already met. They seem to be focused on one purpose and that is to give glory to God.”
St. George’s, Grenada

Logos Hope in St. Georges, Grenada

“I will be 14 in a few months and seeing this is so nice to know that this is a ship with many Godly resources for believers like us. I am very glad I came across this boat in Trinidad and Tobago. I hope when I grow older, I will be able to participate and have such a great experience on board.”
Scarborough, Trinidad & Tobago

“Thanks so much for your wonderful crew and ship, and most of all to Jesus! Through your messages I found the courage to continue during a dark time in my life and to find God's purpose for me! I appreciate that so much. Thanks.”
Port-of-Spain, Trinidad & Tobago

Logos Hope in St. Georges, Grenada

“Eye opening week. Thank you for your time, gracious hospitality and experience of a Christ-centered community. Priceless and life affirming.”
Castries, St. Lucia

Logos Hope in Bridgetown, Barbados

“I really enjoyed the experience of being on the ship. The people were very friendly and helpful! God bless you!”
Bridgetown, Barbados

Logos Hope in Georgetown, Guyana

“I think this was a very brilliant idea. Thank you ever so much for remembering this great country and its great people. We are extremely grateful once again for God's richest blessings.”
Georgetown, Guyana

Logos Hope in Willemstad, Curacao

“Four years ago, I visited Logos II and fell in love with the people and the mission. Four years later I am a volunteer while Logos Hope is in port and I am enjoying every moment of it.”
Willemstad, Curacao

“It's been almost a week, and volunteering on Logos Hope has been a real blessing. I have met some cool people; I have had the opportunity to serve.”
Oranjestad, Aruba

Logos Hope in Kingston, Jamaica

“It was a great experience touring and exchanging conversations with persons from different cultural and denominational backgrounds. God be with you all.”
Montego Bay, Jamaica

“I had great fun on Logos Hope. Even though I got frustrated because I could not get all the books I wanted, this was definitely an encounter to remember. You have these messages from God around the deck and one said that 'We need to talk'. I wanted to thank you because I need to work on my 'talk time' with God. I had an awesome time! Thank you so very much!”
Kingston, Jamaica

Logos Hope in Nassau, Bahamas

“When I first entered the ship, I was blown away by the interior and the concept. I met a number of crew members and I realised that the ship is far more than an import export book exhibit. I realized that the grace, glory and magnificent power of God existed in the lives of the people that I met. God bless!”
Nassau, Bahamas

“We have enjoyed our time on board, the fellowship with your crew and the youth night. As a believer it was very refreshing to see different ways to share hope and appeal to people and show them who God is.”
Kelly and Marionette
Hamilton, Bermuda

Logos Hope in St. Johns, Antigua

“Hey, I just want to say that I enjoyed myself on this ship and my tour guide shared a lot of the word of God with us. She kept stressing how He'll always love us and never leave our sides. I would really love to become a part of this mission of spreading books and God around the world.”
St. John’s, Antigua

“My family and I enjoyed our experience aboard and would like to thank everyone who makes such a venture possible. It is encouraging to see everyone willing to go around the world and spread the word of God.”
Basseterre, St. Kitts

“I had a really good time. Just came from the conference and it was inspirational. Gave me some really good food for thought. Indeed God is Good. God Bless.“
Roseau, Dominica

Logos Hope in Freetown, Sierra Leone

“I thank God that I made it to Logos Hope because some of your programmes have changed my life. Keep up the good work and may God bless you all.”
Freetown, Sierra Leone

“I am very happy about this organisation, because I found practical love; Unity, Harmony, and Hard work. Thank you.”
Tema, Ghana

“I am in Christ now. I know He is my Saviour. I wish you a safe journey.”
Takoradi, Ghana

“It’s great to spend my honeymoon on your ship and getting to meet a great crew who has dedicated their lives to this great cause. It’s going to be a memory never to be forgotten since we bought some books for our future. God bless and keep you all safe. “
Takoradi, Ghana

Logos Hope in Monrovia, Liberia

“I am highly impressed with what God is doing with Logos Hope in the world. I am challenged with the young men and women serving the Lord with cheerfulness and humility of heart.”
Monrovia, Liberia

Logos Hope in Valletta, Malta

“I really enjoyed my visit to this ship and I admire what you and all your crew and volunteers have done and keep doing to help the less fortunate. It brings me happiness knowing that real volunteers still exist. Keep up the good work and God bless”
Valetta, Malta

“It's really nice to be on board, I came here with my friends and we really enjoyed the atmosphere and we are going to come over again & again. My friends and I say hi to you and keep up the good job.”
Tripoli, Libya

“Hey, I just want to thank you all for coming and letting us have the chance to be in your ship. Really appreciate it. I managed to get educated and gain knowledge about the nationalities and crew members in here. Can't wait for this experience to happen again. Wishing you the best of luck on your next trip.”
Misurata, Libya

ELogos Hope in Port Said, Egypt

“I am so happy with your ship. I am from Port Said and I was dreaming to see God’s hand moving in my country and now I can see this through your smiley lovely faces and presence of the Lord that is filling the place. May God bless you to move from place to place to spread love, help, hope and knowledge. Praying that I may have a chance to be with you one day to serve Lord, with all blessings.”
Port Said, Egypt

“I am happy to come and see the book fair at the ship today. It is amazing. It is a great chance for me to be here because I am from Iraq and we don't have the opportunity to experience such things. God bless you wherever you go.”
Beirut, Lebanon

Logos Hope in Salalah, Oman

“I want to thank everybody in this ship for everything. Really I enjoy myself. The thing that I like in this place is the smiles from all the crew. Please keep it up. And good luck. All the best.”
Salalah, Oman

"Thank you for the good effort and well arrangement. It is a good experience indeed for me. It makes me want to be a volunteer and learn from those onboard and mix with other cultures. I spent most of my time in the book fair. I would love to stay more with volunteers and chat to learn from their experience and what the message they carry to people.”
Muscat, Oman

Logos Hope in Dubai, UAE

"Bringing hope to life is really what does make a difference these days, and what you do is a actual translation to this. Good luck."
Dubai, UAE

"Hi, it is my first time to be on board on your ship. I bought a bible, and it is my first time to buy it for myself since I was born. I heard about Doulos before which comes to the Philippines but I never got the chance to see it. Now I am here in UAE, it is really lucky for me to be on board Logos Hope"
Abu Dhabi, UAE

Logos Hope in Doha, Qatar

“My wife and I had a wonderful experience here. It moves our hearts knowing that something like this is going around the world to share and impart knowledge to humanity. Until next time may God provide more blessings and guidance to everyone who takes part in Logos Hope."
Doha, Qatar

 Logos Hope in Colombo, Sri Lanka

"My second visit to the ship. First time, in Curacao, now Sri Lanka. I love the vibrant atmosphere and relaxed kindness. It's a beautiful place to be. I feel peaceful and accepted."
Colombo, Sri Lanka