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Special projects

Following are some special projects we are focused on and we encourage you to consider how you can help.

Latin America Fund
Help provide quality literature in Spanish and Portuguese for the visit to Latin America.

Fuel Fund
Our ship cannot sail without fuel and with today's rising prices it costs more than ever.

Help Ministries Fund
In every port-of-call we want to provide compassionate and practical help for the communities we're visiting.

Book Donation Fund
This fund enables us to donate quality literature to worthy causes in the ports we visit.

Gospel Literature Fund
The Most Important Story Ever Told is a comic-style booklet for children which explains the Gospel in a captivating format. This fund allows us to print and provide these and other Gospel literature free of charge.

National Workers Fund
Some of our participants come from countries where raising the full amount of personal support is not feasible. As such, this fund offers a way for these volunteers to serve with us.

Seafarers Fund
Help support Christian seafarers that are not able to support themselves financially but who can meet our needs for qualified professionals on the ships.

Water Filter Fund
Help provide water filters to improve health for families, churches, schools and even whole communities.


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