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Celebrating 40 Years of OM Ships

Throughout 2011, OM Ships celebrated 40 years of Ship Ministry with the following features:

December Feature :: Meet 40 alumni of the Ship Ministry
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The heart of the Ship Ministry is people. From the thousands and thousands who walk up the gangway, to the many thousands more served on shore in each port, and the many more who are part of enabling the ministry in one way or another, it's all about people. Over the 40 years of Ship Ministry, we estimate over 10,000 people have participated directly by serving with us as part of the two year programme and for our final feature we want to highlight some of these people. Thank you to everyone who responded to our requests for your story. We have chosen 40 individuals or couples and hope you will enjoy their stories!

Greg and Sally Livingstone (USA)
Logos 1973-1974 (for three months)

The day the owners wanted to negotiate about the Umanak in Copenhagen, the first captain, Graham Scott couldn't make it, so George Verwer sent me there to stall for time while we waited for Graham to arrive. I don't think we had an engineer yet. "I don't even know how to evaluate a used car, George, much less an ocean going ship!" I protested to George. "Never mind, just keep chatting with them till Graham arrives," he fired back. I kept walking around the Umanak, trying to look like I actually could evaluate it, saying to myself, "well, at least it’s floating".

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Jim and Lydia Munn (USA)
Logos 1971-1972, 1978-1981

I was on Logos from 1971 to 1972; Lydia and I together from 1978 to 1981. Our son Robin was born in Goroka, PNG during that time. From 1971-1972, I was the ‘gofer’ = ‘go for this, go for that’, serving George Verwer and later George Miley and Dave Brown. From 1978-1981, I was on the "ministry team" organising volunteers, one-day conferences, the study programme for staff, etc. Lydia was office manager until Robin was born, then worked part-time cleaning the ship.

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Ken and Lois Boullier (UK)
Logos 1971-1981

During just over nine years, I served as 3rd officer, staff officer, book exhibition manager, line-up man, and programme director. In 1974, I spent six months in Bangladesh, skippering a launch which was a project initiated by Logos crewmembers. In 1976, I led one of the three ‘Second Ship Teams’. This one was aimed at raising prayer support from churches in Asia (the other two teams were in Europe and North America). We travelled over land from Europe to Singapore. We also helped organise the first ‘Operation World’ conference in Singapore.

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Chacko (India) and Radha (Singapore) Thomas
Logos 1973-1977; Doulos 1978-1983 (with Radha and later Sheela); Doulos 1990-1992 and Logos II 1992-1994 (with Sheela and Sunil)

Most of my time on the ship was in the ministry department; sharing the Gospel, training newcomers to the ships, various leadership roles of the ship’s ministry and preaching at conferences and other events on board or on shore. I enjoyed every day on the ships with only a few exceptions. I did suffer from seasickness when sailing, I was so glad when the ships invested in the pads that one stuck behind the ears that made rough voyages much easier. Thankfully the ships spent most of their time in ports in ministry.

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Napoleon (Paul) Ignacio (Philippines)
Logos 1973-1975

On Logos, I served on the book exhibit and with the ministry and music team. I was one of the first Asians on the ‘Intensive Programme’. My time on the ship has taken me through the waters of Southeast Asia, to the Red Sea; into the Persian Gulf, Arabian Sea, around India and back to Southeast Asia. Living on board provided many precious and practical lessons in my walk with God. Prayer and the power of interceding for the nations, individuals and ministries are high on my list. It revolutionized my prayer life. I also learned what it means to live by faith and to trust God for money while serving on the ship.

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Madeleine (nee Long) Parish (UK)
Logos 1973-1975

I was the ships midwife and for some of the time the nurse as well. I also worked in the galley for a short spell when the hospital was quiet. After my time on board I went into India before returning home to the UK in 1976. I retired from nursing at my local hospital a couple of years ago.

I remember delivering a baby in a flat, which I had to clean first, while the ship was in dry dock in Bombay. We had several other birth dramas as we had five pregnant mums on board that year: I slept on the floor in a hospital in Saigon (as relatives/carers had to look after their own). It was all right untill the two-inch cockroaches came up the drains! Our undiagnosed premature twins came along in a gale in Penang and God provided another midwife to be on board for just that time. She and I were able to nurse the twins round the clock together. I learned quickly that God answered prayers for all our practical needs. He never let us down.

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Anthony Harrop (UK)
Logos 1973

I joined Logos in Bandar Abbas, Iran, in November 1973. We took on fuel in Ras Tanura, before heading for Bhavnagar and Mumbai, and Colombo. I was leading IT (Intensive Training) at the time, based mostly on land. But I remember particularly crossing the Palk Strait – 12 hours of pitching and rolling. Then on to Chennai and Paradip, where I left for a year with OM Bangladesh. I rejoined in May 1975 in Bandar Seri Begawan, and from there we sailed to Zamboanga. I flew to join a land team in Davao City, and then went with Des Harper to Seoul and Inchon to line-up for the ship’s first visit to Korea, later joined by Peter Conlan. Finally I went to Kobe (typhoon passed right overhead) and Hong Kong, from where I flew back to UK.

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Manfred and Gerda Schaller (Germany)
Logos 1974-1977; Doulos 1977-1979, 1983; Logos 1984-1987, Logos II 1990-1991

We joined Logos in 1974 in Kuwait and were on board until 1977. We both started working in the pantry, then I did line-up in Taiwan (our first time there), then worked as personnel director. Gerda continued in the pantry, but also did work in the barbershop and in the cleaning department. In 1976 our son Raffael was born while Logos was in Naples, Italy.

In 1977 we went to Mosbach, Germany, as Doulos was on the horizon and George Miley wanted to have as many Germans as possible in this project. I took part in the final meeting to purchase Franca C from the Costa Line. On Doulos, I worked again as personnel director right from the start of this ship until November 1979 when we were the first OM family that moved to Mosbach. In 1978 our daughter Natascha was born.

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Dave and Cathy Hicks (USA)
Logos 1974-1980

I served as associate director and then director on Logos from 1974 to 1980. Through our time on board, Cathy and I grew in integrating ministry and our young and expanding family. We had Mala and Jonathan when we arrived and Andy and Peter were added during the years on Logos. After the ship we were in leadership in OM USA and North America for 20 years. While in India and then Logos, God laid the foundations of all subsequent ministry roles in our lives.

Our current ministry is AlongSideAsia formed in 2006, which actively assists US and Asian Partners (primarily Indian) to more effectively accomplish their God-given missions by partnering, coaching and encouraging.

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Joy and Lulu Tira (Philippines)
Logos 1975-1977 (1979-1981 with Lulu and daughter Lora)

Sadiri Joy: Logos, 1975-1977, 1979-1981 – started as cadet, junior engineer, 4th engineer, 3rd engineer, Philippine line up team; Lulu: Logos, 1979-1981 – housekeeping (cleaning restrooms, laundry), ship nurse; Lora was with us on board from 1979-1981.

After the ship, we emigrated to Canada, where I attended theological seminary (1981-1984). Thereafter, I was a church planter and pastor with the Christian and Missionary Alliance (Canada). I served as the founding pastor of the first Filipino Alliance Church (1984-2007) in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. While serving as a pastor I continued my theological studies in the USA, graduating from Reformed Theological Seminary (Doctor of Ministry – Intercultural Studies), then Western Seminary (Doctor of Missiology – International Migration/Diaspora Studies).

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Clive Langmead (UK)
Doulos 1977-1982

I was the first Doulos navigating officer and joined in Genoa, Italy in 1977, just after she had been purchased (as Franca C), preparing and sailing the ship to Bremen, Germany where she was to be converted for service. Later my family joined me and we served until 1982, with breaks, for another baby to be added and for me to gain further qualifications which meant I ended serving as First Officer.

I followed my early calling (despite being a ship's navigator, I believed I had another calling from God) to work in the media as a Christian and so joined the BBC for 20 years. I have written seven Christian biographies, three of which have had TV films made from them by the Christian TV Association (CTA) in Bristol, UK.

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Allan (UK) and Elisabeth (Sweden) Grant
Alan: Logos 1977-1987, Elisabeth: Logos 1977-1978; 1985-1987

I served on Logos most of 1977-1987 interspersed with some periods with OM UK and the Ships Headquarters in Mosbach and furlough in Sweden. I met Elisabeth on Logos who was on board 1977-1978 and 1985-1987.

After the ship, we were both involved with various other things in OM, such as acting field leader in Japan and OM representatives for Scotland. After OM, I worked as director with Prison Fellowship Scotland and Emmaus Glasgow as development and project manager. Currently I work as development manager with our church. Elisabeth worked with Christian bookstores, as an account manager, in the Church of Scotland counselling centre and is now works in customer relations in a housing association. In recent years she also has developed her creative side with textile art and has held her own exhibitions.

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Lindsay Brown (UK)
Logos 1976-77

I often speak of my year on the ship as my fourth year of university. I joined the ship immediately after graduating from Oxford University, and did so partly to expand my vision for the wider world, but also to have the opportunity to discern and develop my specific gifts. I remember the year fondly because I was given more than enough opportunities to speak in lots of meetings – perhaps over 200 in 365 days. I'm sure many of the talks I gave were terrible, (I feel sorry for some of the people who had to listen to them!) but I was grateful because it helped me to develop and hone my public speaking gifts which have been at the heart of the ministry God gave me ever since.

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Malcolm Turner (UK)
Logos; Doulos 1976-79

After leaving the Ship Ministry, I joined an advertising and PR agency in Bristol, UK, and later worked with several major charities in marketing and fundraising. It was in Bristol that I met a group of Christians working in television. We formed a charity called Christian Television Association (CTA) in 1983, and I was one of the founder trustees. In 1994 I went full time and became CTA’s Executive Director.

They say that ‘nothing is wasted’ and that was certainly my experience with the Ship Ministry. When I joined I was a young Christian and the experience helped me to grow very quickly – in my knowledge of Scripture, vision for the world and missions, and learning to trust God for everything.

My main job was as a line-up man, travelling ahead of the ships to arrange the programme, publicity and permissions to operate. In those days there was no email, internet, mobile phones etc., so we had to rely on telex communication with the ships, through the shipping agents. We often travelled to places where there was little or no support for OM, so we had to trust God to lead us to the right contacts and to provide for our needs. We often experienced doors opening in amazing ways to allow the ships to visit countries, particularly around Africa and South America, for which we praise God and give Him all the glory.

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Roger and Yvonne Malstead (USA)
Doulos 1978-1980

My wife Yvonne and I, along with our four children, joined Doulos in Vera Cruz, Mexico in December 1978. We had been on Doulos for that summer of 1978 to see how we fit into ship’s life as a family. The children loved it, and enjoyed the other children their age. We served about one and a half years on the first voyage to South America. I was involved in on-shore teams and Yvonne helped out in the on board school. She taught piano and helped with musical productions. We enjoyed the opportunities as a family to visit interesting sights. We probably visited too many zoos. Meeting the Lord’s people in other countries was a very enriching experience for us. The Friday night prayer meetings together drew us as a family of believers on the ship together. We treasure the closeness of some of our relationships to this day. These friends/brothers and sisters in Jesus have been a source of encouragement through the years.

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Anita and Kathleen Keith-Gillon (UK)
Doulos 1978-1979

My sister Anita and I traveled on the Doulos’ maiden voyage between London and Barranquilla in Colombia and were on board from October 1978 through February 1979. Since that time we have been working as missionaries in Colombia, South America. Our website is Our time on the ship was a rich cultural and spiritual experience. On board, we both worked in the ship’s laundry and still keep in touch with Esther Dimond who was then the head of the laundry. We also have long standing friendships with Alan and Rhonda Adams, and Chacko and Radha Thomas.

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Paul Saunderson (UK)
Doulos 1979

I was on board Doulos for nine months as the ship’s doctor. About 18 months after leaving the ship, I started working for Tearfund, at Kagando Hospital, a mission hospital in western Uganda. I worked in Uganda for 10 years, then in Ethiopia for six years. I’m now the medical director of American Leprosy Missions, overseeing work around the world. Being on Doulos was a very formative time for me, helping to decide the future direction of my life. It was my first visit to poorer countries of the world and opened my eyes to what the needs are and what can be done. I learned many other lessons also, about relying on God, teamwork, etc.

Daniel and Helen Chae (South Korea)
Logos 1979-1984 (Helen joined in 1982 after marriage); Doulos 1987-1988, 2004-2009

After leaving the Logos in 1984, I started to study at London Bible College. Though I joined the Logos with a two-year commitment, we extended to stay for five years, and then we felt that the Lord was calling us to a full time missionary work for life. So I felt the need for a Bible school training. After the initial Bible school training at LBC, we then came back to Doulos. However, due to Helen's ill-health, we had to leave the ship prematurely. That unexpected departure led us back to London to study a PhD course.

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Susanna Burton (New Zealand)
Logos 1979

I joined on Logos in 1979 just after she had been in New Zealand. I had recently recommitted my life to the Lord and had just broken off with a non-Christian boyfriend even though we were talking marriage and he was such a catch in many ways. The Lord honoured that decision and I just knew that the Logos was partly in NZ to recruit me. I thought I was joining Logos for 3 months, but after washing dishes and laying tables for that “probation time”, the leaders encouraged me to stay on as their first full time photographer, which had already been my profession.

I totally loved the community living on the ship and ended up staying a total of nine years (not in one big chunk but with a few years between when I was in NZ working as a photographer) I was on Logos and Doulos and then Logos again for her final voyage. Actually the Lord organized that there was a professional photographer and writer on board to record the dramatic story of the shipwreck!

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Shirley Booth (New Zealand)
Doulos (as a child) 1979-1989; (as an adult) 1999-2001; 2008-decommissioning in March 2010

After my first term on board Doulos as an adult, I worked as a school teacher for two years in New Zealand, then joined OM New Zealand to help set up and lead a discipleship training programme for young people. I became more involved with OM International as well, helping run and lead worship for conferences for new recruits to OM. After about five years in this role, Doulos visited New Zealand and I was asked to rejoin, which I did. After leaving the ship on her retirement, I spent a year helping my parents set up a tourism business. Now I am teaching full time in a multi-cultural primary school in a low socio-economic area in Auckland, New Zealand.

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Jürgen Sachs (Germany)
Doulos 1981-1983

I worked on deck and learned many things using my hands, experienced tremendous fellowship and made first steps in preaching. The most import aspect on Doulos for me were the prayer nights. In these meetings I got a ‘world view’ so that it became a part of my life. I discovered the changing power of the Word of God and prayer. Through this I got know the Lord and His love in a much deeper way. This has a great influence on my life until today.

After I returned from Doulos to Germany I started to study theology in Tübingen. I became a pastor in the Lutheran Church in Germany. After five years of ministry in the church we joined OM again and worked in Albania. Since 2000 we work with a mission that is working in South America with indigenous people groups.

Frederick Kammies (South Africa)
Logos 1985-1988

I first worked in the book exhibition, programme department and then line-up. Logos was on her way to Puerto Madryn, where Hector Aguilar and I were doing the line-up, but never arrived [due to running aground in the Beagle Channel – the end of the Logos ministry]. After OM Ships I went to Belgium to work on the conference team. At the end of 1988 I came back to South Africa where I was part time with OM and I also completed my studies. In 1992 I got married and also helped a little bit with line up preparations, In September of 1992 until 1994 we went to OM Quebec. From 1997-2009 we were with WEC International and since October 2009 we are with Youth With A Mission.

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Debbie Meroff (USA)
All four ships from 1986

As an international writer-at-large for OM since 1986 I’ve had the joy of serving on all four OM ships and revisiting them through the years to write about crewmembers, activities and ports of call. Being shipwrecked on Logos was probably the most dramatic event – and a wonderful confirmation of how God can be trusted in all circumstances. On Doulos in Africa I was encouraged to lead writing workshops for aspiring authors, and this has prompted me to mentor others. Another highlight had to be serving as Logos II’s press officer on her maiden voyage to Russia. My ship experiences permanently altered how I look at the world, and filled me with a passion to communicate its needs.

Rex and Hazel Churchill (Canada)
Doulos 1986-1988 as a couple; 1990-1994 with first daughter

Rex: On Doulos I was the electrical officer and in that capacity also supervised the electrical refit during the Doulos Electrical Project (‘Heart Transplant’) in 1993. Since then I have worked as an electrical technician and electrical supervisor in the offshore oil and gas industry in Eastern Canada. My Doulos years significantly changed my worldview and perspective on the significance of missions and contributed greatly to my Christian growth by input from a great many men and women of spiritual maturity. My time on board continues to provide opportunities to discuss spiritual matters in my work environment and has motivated me to lead a regular OM prayer meeting.

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Spurgeon Lange (South Africa)
Logos 1987-1988 (during Logos accident)

I worked in the book exhibition at various stations – gangway, cash desk, book holds. I also played guitar and piano for praise and worship times on board. The best part of my experiences was meeting new people in the ports we visited, establishing common interests, making friends, visiting them at their home and church.

After Logos, I joined the Logos II presentation team in Europe. Currently I am working in human resources at a manufacturing company in Cape Town. My job currently entails working with people, helping them to attain a better life, and to be the best that they can be. I am also heavily involved with the praise and worship ministry at my church, mainly in a ‘behind the scenes’ capacity.

My experiences on board have prepared me well for the challenge which I face on a daily basis, both in my job and in my portfolio at our local church. My time on board taught me discipline and how to make ‘being a witness’ a part of daily life. It also helped me to change my focus from being primarily self-serving to seeking to help and serve others.

Mercy Koh (Singapore)
Doulos 1987-1993

I first joined as a STEPper (Short Term Exposure Programme participant) and was privileged to be assigned to the shore teams department for three months under the leadership of Daniel Chae. Our team together with the ship community had a great time of ministry at Calcutta, Visakhapatnam, Tuticorin and Sri Lanka. Everyone on board was very motivated and excited about sharing their faith.

In 1988, I rejoined to co-lead the local port volunteers when Doulos was in Asia. Some months later I led a group of Filipinos in STEP. My last role on board was in the personnel department for four and a half years, working first with Andreas Schaefer and Sheila Bowditch and then with Berit Thomsen.

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Maria Kiss (Hungary)
Doulos 1988-1989

I got a passport only for one year to leave the country. It was not easy and it was a great miracle that I got my passport for even one year. I worked almost everywhere: pantry, deck department, engine room, book shop, leadership training. I had been a physiotherapist before coming to the ship, so on Doulos I worked part time as physiotherapist. My time on board started in me a brave kind of attitude to be on the ‘A’ team in my life – being available, anywhere, anytime, anything, anyhow…

Later I have visited a couple of times, and brought some groups to Logos II and Doulos, when Logos II was in Gdynia, Poland, but also to Holland, Germany, Romania. We even went to Vladivostok through the Trans-Siberian Express. I also visited when both Doulos and Logos II were in Toulon, France in 1994. Amazing!

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Steve Cassidy (USA)
Doulos 1988-1999

During the line-up for the first visit of Doulos to Myanmar/Burma, God began putting His particular burden on my heart to care for orphans. This developed into a vision for Orphan’s Hope which I started in 2000 and continues to today. Since that time we have helped many orphans and orphanages, have our own orphanage for children who have lost both parents and have helped families adopt. I adopted my son from Ukraine. I am based in Leavenworth, Washington, but our work is focused on orphans in Myanmar and Ukraine. Every day we have orphanages coming to us who need help for the most basic needs. We are praying for more people to join us in the challenge and privilege of bringing God’s love to orphans. We have a web site at

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Jane Barlow (UK)
Doulos 1992-1995

I served on Doulos from July 1992 - May 1993, doing line up in South Africa followed by the ‘Heart Transplant’ project (I did all the guy’s laundry for three months - now that was interesting :-), followed by a two-year stint on board. I left the ship in October 1995 in Cape Town.

I started in the book exhibition and when the communications person left, I did this job until I did one more line-up in India. Unfortunately, I got pushed out of a train in Mumbai, which meant I had to return to the ship with my leg in plaster. I suppose that was the ultimate Indian experience! I returned to the book exhibition for the remainder of my time on board.

After the ship, I went to serve with OM in Austria for two years, followed by seven years in the Arabian Peninsula. I now live in New Zealand and work for the Anglican Missions Board of New Zealand and Polynesia as executive assistant to the Maori head of the board. For the last year I have been a member of the Board of OM New Zealand.

I learned to permanently live outside of my comfort zone. This is an excellent place to be, as the Christian walk shouldn’t be comfortable, but challenging. I was 33 years old when I joined the ship, and I realised that although I had been a Christian for many years, I still had a LOT to learn. I wanted to continue wherever possible to serve those on the mission field, so yes, my time in OM gave me direction for the rest of my life.

Chris and Denise Sly (Australia)
Doulos 1993-1994

I worked in the book exhibition and helped set it up on shore for the five months Doulos was being refitted in Cape Town. I then became programme manager and also worked in line-up for the two help ministry port visits in Mozambique and Ukraine. Denise as a mother of three young children helped in the ship shop, ‘charlie’ [second-hand clothing for crewmembers] and in the hospitality area.

Since coming home, I worked mostly in the timber industry in a variety of jobs until 2008 when I started mentoring and consulting work with small business owners in Tasmania and several other states. I am currently a director in a building company that builds eco-friendly and sustainable homes throughout Australia but mostly in New South Wales and Queensland. We live on the Sunshine Coast where the company is based. Denise taught in the early childhood area until 2010, when she began voluntary work in our church working with children and their parents both in a playgroup and by co-leading ‘Toolbox Parenting’ courses.

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Paul (UK) and Anniina (Finland) Rogers
Anniina: Doulos 1995-1997; Paul and Anniina: Logos Hope 2007 and Logos II 2008

We live in Thailand, on an island called Koh Phangan, which is known for the many yoga and meditation centers, and as a party island for back packers. Paul became a Christian on this island after surviving the Asian Tsunami, and has ever since wanted to reach out to travellers, who are like he used to be: searching for or escaping from something while travelling in Asia. So we meet people where they are and have an open house policy. Our heart is also for discipleship of young believers. We have a small house church that gathers in our home.

Paul served as electrician and engine room watch-keeper, while I was a teacher and trainer. Our time on board gave a wider perspective on the different needs of the world. Also, meeting inspiring people and hearing their stories showed that there are so many ways and means to participate in God’s work.

Tom (Netherlands) and Jeannie (Malaysia) Buma
Jeannie: Doulos 1997-1999; Tom: Doulos 1995-2000

We both served on board Doulos. Jeannie, my wife, served from 1997 until 1999. I, being a slow learner, served from 1995 until 2000 and God is still teaching me. Jeannie worked in the pantry and the programme room, and I worked in the engine room, the welding department and did line-up. After the ship the first thing was to rest and write many e-mails to each other. Being in a long-distance relationship wasn’t always easy, but thank God for e-mail. Jeannie worked a bit at the school she used to teach and after that came to the Netherlands. I started working as a computer programmer which I am still doing.

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Sally Ababa (Philippines)
Doulos 1997-2001

After Doulos I provided leadership among the local volunteers who followed up the work that Doulos crew and staff started among the street children in Cebu City. Then, I further developed the work to become what it is now: OM Philippines Cebu Ministries. I am still leading the team in Cebu City.

My cross-cultural experiences and intercultural relationships on board allowed me to experience God’s attributes beyond the confines of my own culture, backgrounds and worldview. It also helped me to see how the Christian faith can be translated beyond words to practical applications that could make a lasting difference not just for the life to come but for our present life.

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Letty Fernandez (Mexico)
Logos II 1999-2005; Doulos 2005; Logos Hope 2007-2009

During my time, I was a line-up helper, line-up member and team leader, and later line-up manager and coordinated the ship visits to Mexico and the UK. From 2005-2007, I worked as an accountant since that is my profession. In 2009 I started working as personal assistant to the Missions National Coordinator of my denomination, the Church of God in Mexico. I’ve being working in the national offices since then.

Each one of the roles I had on board are being used in one way or other in my present job. Just to mentioned the most recent responsibility, I was the Public Relations of the Latin America Biennial Summit Leaders of the Church of God. Besides my normal job I was working in PR for the event (the whole coordination lasted one year).

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Gary Barto (USA)
Doulos 2001-2011

I worked for Mister Eric Saw, who bought Doulos in March 2010 and I stayed with the ship for another year and a half in Singapore, until I retired on 1 September 2011. I now am a care giver to my 94 year-old mother, although I think she takes care of me instead. I volunteer to do handyman things for elderly people and repair small appliances when needed. God is good. I was an electrician on board Doulos. The skills I used there I am now using to repair appliances for low income people. Through my time on the ship I learned to get out of my comfort zone. I even preach from time to time. I learned to make more time for things of the Lord and grow in Him.

Ginny Drake (UK)
Doulos 2002-2009

I was on board Doulos for seven years from 2002 to 2009. I started in the bookshop, then went to work in the programme Room, line-up and then as programme manager and finished my time with one last line-up. Each job was challenging, but as a 36 year-old I think for me the toughest challenges came in living in community. I had given up my business, car and apartment in Canada to join Doulos and struggled in the early years to fit in and adapt to the varied cultures both on board and in each country we visited. We berthed at 50 countries in those seven years! But it helped me grow in my relationships with people and with God, learning to cling to Him and trust Him. I learned to see Him work out what seemed to be impossible situations, but with God ALL things are possible!

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Isaac Diuzoije (Nigeria)
Doulos 2003-2005

Before coming to the ship, I took part in OM South Africa’s six-month training programme. Sharing God’s love with people has always been on my heart. I served in the engine room on board Doulos for two years. After my service on board Doulos in 2005, I came back to Nigeria to start a prison ministry. At the moment, I run a Prison Ministry Fellowship in Aba, Nigeria. I go to Aba, Umuahia and Owerri Prison yards to share the Word of God with inmates. My time on board was a blessing in my life. The experience was amazing because it helped me grow spiritually. That is where I was reshaped to do what I am doing now. My preaching ability developed on board and that’s a wonderful experience for me.

Jaco Leeuwner (South Africa)
Doulos, Logos Hope, Logos II from 2005-2007

On Doulos I served as deckhand, assistant personnel manager and chief steward. I was a project team member on Logos Hope and a deckhand on Logos II. My time on board Doulos inspired me to create a website named after my lifeboat on board Doulos, The website promotes ships and boats involved with Christian Aid and Relief work. I continue to work in my full-time maritime ministry and am currently co-director of Passage of Bahar, an NGO working alongside other mission societies. We were recently involved in assisting OM Tanganyika at Lake Tanganyika in Zambia training their new Medical Mission Boat crew in Safety and Maintenance aspects.

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Christine Cartwright (UK)
Logos II 2005-2007

After the ship I lived by faith for a year in 2008 to write a book, which I self-published at the start of 2010. The book is called ‘Glory Unveiled’ and “unravels the wonder of the patient process through which God uses every season of our lives to change us and draw us into an abundant life of holiness”.

My time on the ship was life changing! Being on the ship was a platform for me to develop a ministry in Bible teaching and discipleship. I began giving talks at women’s events and women’s homes in the Caribbean about what the Lord had taught me about through the butterfly.

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Jiamin Choo (Singapore)
Doulos 2005-2009

I first joined as an 18-year-old STEPer and then rejoined after graduating from university from January 2005 to March 2009. After leaving the ship, I embarked on a dream book project, writing about my missions journey on Doulos. After two years of writing, the book titled ‘Out of the Harbour’ ( was published in February this year. Also, since April 2010, I joined OM Singapore as a Missions Coordinator, speaking at various churches and youth groups to mobilise them for world missions.

During my four years on the ship, I sailed to 31 countries in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and the Pacific. It was a privilege to interact with people from all walks of life and to learn about their various backgrounds, cultures and beliefs. I have become more sensitive to the spiritual and social needs around the world, and my previous stereotypes about certain people groups have been changed into a heart of compassion and love.

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