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Latest news

Forever freedom
20 May, 2019 :: Montevideo, Uruguay
A Logos Hope crewmember relies on God for strength and the words to say to disruptive inmates at a prison.

Hope and a future
11 May, 2019 :: Lima, Peru
A Logos Hope team joins an inspirational pastor ministering to the children of criminals.

Annual maintenance underway
30 Apr, 2019 :: Montevideo, Uruguay
Logos Hope's marine operations department begins annual maintenance on the vessel.

Disembark, disperse, discover!
26 Apr, 2019 :: Montevideo, Uruquay
Logos Hope's crew scatters across the globe to various projects as annual maintenance gets underway.

A STEP of faith
05 Apr, 2019 :: Bahia Blanca, Argentina
Crewmembers mobilise a group of young believers to take a step towards serving God.



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