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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the ship come to my country soon?


There are many factors involved in organising a ship visit. This includes invitations from authorities, expected weather conditions and if other destinations in the region are also ready to welcome Logos Hope. Unfortunately it is not always possible to accept every request and invitation. Please see the future schedule to see where the ship will be heading in the next few months.


Can I just come for a holiday cruise?


While Logos Hope is classed as a passenger ship, in reality there are no passengers. The crew and staff on board are serving as volunteers, usually for a two-year term of service. Life and work on board is an intensive but very rewarding experience.


How do you keep your ship in such good repair?


The experience and dedication of the ship’s crew and staff, often working long hours, helps keep our vessel shipshape. Logos Hope also undergoes regular dry docking to ensure that the fabric of the vessel is kept up to the highest standard.


How much will I get paid?


All crew and staff are volunteers. No one – including the captain – is paid a salary. Each one on board has to raise financial support to cover the expenses of their time of service.


How can I join the ship?


Applicants must be over 18 years of age, and in full agreement with the beliefs and values of OM Ships International. If you would like to apply, the first step is to send us a preliminary interest form. To start, click here.


Who are all the people on board?


Volunteers from over 45 countries serve on board. They are mostly young people who have chosen to dedicate two years of their lives to be on board, learning to live and work together, and serving the communities in the ports visited. Additionally, Logos Hope has a full complement of qualified crew, as required by international maritime regulations.


What do you do with the money?


OM Ships International is a non-profit venture. Income received through donations or sales on board is used to fund port visit costs, vessel expenses, personnel needs and administration.


Where does the funding come from?


Half of the funding comes from the sale of books and non-book items (such as souvenirs) in the onboard book fair. Over a quarter comes from the support of personnel on board given by friends, family and other supporters. The rest comes from gifts and donations given by individuals, trusts, foundations and community groups. Our organisation is not a government or corporate funded enterprise. Some local corporate sponsorship in the ports of call helps to reduce port and publicity expenses.


Who owns and operates the ship?


Logos Hope is owned by Educational Book Exhibits Ltd. (EBE), a charitable trust registered in the UK. The ship is operated on behalf of EBE by GBA Ships e.V. (Good Books for All) – a registered trust in Germany. The ship is registered in Valletta, Malta, and so the Maltese flag is displayed at the stern of the ship.


What measures does OM Ships have in place to ensure safety and protection of children?


OM Ships takes seriously its responsibility to protect and safeguard the welfare of all children and vulnerable adults. We have an agreed commitment to care for children. We endorse work practices and lifestyles that protect OM Ships staff members including the children under the care of OM Ships.

In our care for children, OM Ships does not tolerate the abuse or neglect of children in the care of OM Ships, and it responds to all reports of concern for child safety.

OM Ships manages its activities to reduce the risk of child endangerment through specific policies and procedures, relevant training of staff and volunteers in child safety and intervening in cases of high-risk behaviours to prevent harm to children, and complying with applicable laws and regulations concerning the safety of children.

The whole Child Protection Policy can be read at:

OM Ships is a member of the Child Safety and Protection Network.


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