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What Others Say

President Jimmy Carter


alt"You have my admiration for living together in harmony, because you demonstrate that people who have different styles of life and different languages and different ethnic backgrounds can still live together. If you could go to Bosnia and let the people see the spirit that is exemplified in this ship, I think we’d soon have peace there. Let me express my deep admiration and thanks for the wonderful work that you do. It’s an honour to be here."

President Jimmy Carter
Former President of the United States of America
Swansea, Wales, 1995


Mrs. Lee Hui Ho


alt"Thank you for the ship’s ministry of bringing hope and unity to the nations. May all your activities continue to bring God’s peace to the world."

Mrs. Lee Hui Ho
former First Lady of South Korea


Mr. John Hume


alt"The very fact that you can have under one roof people from virtually every country in the world is a magnificent symbol to the modern world."

Mr. John Hume
1998 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate for his
efforts to find a peaceful solution to
the conflict in Northern Ireland
Guest on board Doulos in Londonderry, May 2004


President Alfred Moisiu


alt"There are many different kinds of ships but this one is special. This ship transports culture, goodwill and love. People have more need for this kind of ship."

President Alfred Moisiu
President of Albania, Durres - 2004


President Fidel Ramos


alt"I am heartened to note the continuing mission of the floating book exhibition and international community service project to heighten mutual appreciation of various nations for each others society and culture. This return visit will contribute to the further strengthening of international understanding and goodwill, which she has vigorously promoted through similar visits in over 80 countries during the past 18 years. I bid the MV Doulos crew and staff a most pleasant stay in our country. I hope you will all bring to other shores and other peoples warm memories of the hospitality and friendship of the Filipinos and the rich culture of our nation."

President Fidel Ramos
Former President, Manila, Philippines


King Goodwill Zwelithini


alt"In carrying a message of hope and goodwill to the ports she visits, Doulos provides a unique service to people of all races throughout the world. Faced with ever increasing global conflict and tension, your efforts are certainly needed and are welcome. Throughout your efforts the world will no doubt become a better place in which to live."

His Majesty King Goodwill Zwelithini
King of the Zulus


President Joaquim Chissano


alt"Many ships are built for war. Today I’m visiting a peace ship."

His Excellency, Joaqim Chissano
President of Mozambique, May 2002


Honourable Tan Sri Dr. Koh Tsu Koon


alt"We are very pleased that you come back with a treasure house of books, a treasure house of knowledge to share with us... I think this is a good example of how a mini United Nations can work, a floating mini United Nations that spreads the message of friendship and commitment to global understanding."

Honourable Tan Sri Dr. Koh Tsu Koon
Penang, Malaysia


Mr. Umberto Scapagnini


alt“You don’t speak about religion. You are an expression of it.”

Mr. Umberto Scapagnini
Mayor of Catania, Italy
Guest of honour at the opening ceremony for Doulos


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